AGM Vancouver 2008

Comparison of simulated and field conditions within an actively heated and ventilated poultry transport system
Authors: K.P. C. Hui, T. G. Crowe
Session name: Building and Storage Systems
Identifier: CSBE08112
Defining an environmental performance measure for swine production: Part I - gas and odours emissions from pig barns
Authors: L. Hamelin, S. Godbout, F. Pelletier, S.P. Lemay, J. J. R. Feddes, M. Belzile
Session name: Waste Management
Identifier: CSBE08111
Design of an agricultural driving simulator for ergonomic evaluation of guidance displays
Authors: D.D. Mann, D. Karimi And S.J. Young
Session name: Machinery Systems
Identifier: CSBE08153
Detection of sprouted wheat kernels using nir hyperspectral imaging
Authors: C.B. Singh, D.S. Jayas, J. Paliwal, N.D.G. White
Session name: Bioproducts & Food
Identifier: CSBE08198
Deterioration of trusses and roof systems of livestock farm buildings
Authors: Y. Choinière
Session name: Building and Storage Systems
Identifier: CSBE08117
Determination of moisture content of hard maple lumber using microwave drying
Authors: M.T. Afzal, B. Freymond
Session name: POSTERS
Identifier: CSBE08318
Determination of mortality of life stages of tribolium castaneum in rye using microwave energy
Authors: R. Vadivambal, D.S. Jayas, N.D.G. White
Session name: Bio-Products & Food
Identifier: CSBE08132
Development and testing of a small scale cassava chips dryer
Authors: A.F. Alonge, I. I. Yakubu
Session name: Machinery Systems
Identifier: CSBE08149
Development of a small scale anaerobic digester for demonstration and testing
Authors: R. Fleming, M. Macalpine, J. Todd, D. Hilborn
Session name: POSTERS
Identifier: CSBE08300
Development of water quality database for watershed model evaluation to support source water protection
Authors: S.I. Ahmed, R. P. Rudra, A. Singh, B. Gharabaghi
Session name: Soil and Water
Identifier: CSBE08168
Effect of microwave-assisted extraction (mae) on the bioavailability of flaxseed lignans
Authors: S. M. Nemes, V.E. Orsat, G. S. V. Raghavan
Session name: Bio-Products & Food
Identifier: CSBE08133
Effect of moisture content and post harvest storage conditions on some properties and quality attributes of red lentil
Authors: Y. Zhang, L. G. Tabil, Etc
Session name: Building and Storage Systems
Identifier: CSBE08116
Effect of processing parameters and fibre loading on compression molded flax fibre reinforced biocomposite
Authors: A. Rana, S. Panigrahi, L. Tabil, P. Chang
Session name: Bioproducts and Food
Identifier: CSBE08190
Effect of pulsed electric field on structural modification and thermal property of whey protein isolate
Authors: B. Y. Xiang, M. O. Ngadi, M. V. Simpson, L. A. Ochoa-Martinez
Session name: Bio-Products & Food
Identifier: CSBE08135
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