AGM Prince-Edward-Island (2009)

Pretreatment of bagasse to improve fuel quality via torrefaction
Authors: N.Y. Harun, M.T. Afzal
Session name: Energy production
Identifier: CSBE09407
Production of biodiesel from animal rendering waste
Authors: E. Jobb, A.E. Ghaly, M.S. Brooks, And S. Budge
Session name: Energy production
Identifier: CSBE09405
Properties of pipeline transported biomass material
Authors: J. Luk And A. Kumar
Session name: Bioprocessing
Identifier: CSBE09302
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of lignocellulosic biomass using infrared spectroscopy
Authors: P. Adapa, C. Karunakaran, L. Tabil And G. Schoenau
Session name: Bioprocessing
Identifier: CSBE09307
Ranking of lignocellulosic biomass pellets through multicriteria modeling
Authors: Arifa Sultana And Amit Kumar
Session name: Energy production
Identifier: CSBE09402
Reactivity studies of sludge and biomass combustion
Authors: N.Y. Harun, M.T. Afzal, And N. Shamsuddin
Session name: Energy production
Identifier: CSBE09408
Simulation of ammonia losses from manure land application with a wind tunnel
Authors: G. Qu, A. Atia, K. Au, L. Kryzanowski, L. Papworth, I. Edeogu, And D. Slingerland
Session name: Soil and water
Identifier: CSBE09607
Spatial and substrate induced effects on periphyton biofilms in a wetland treating landfill leachate
Authors: G.S. Piorkowski And A.E. Ghaly
Session name: Environment and Ecology
Identifier: CSBE09508
Storage of comminuted and uncomminuted forest biomass, its effect on fuel quality and modeling of natural drying
Authors: M.T. Afzal, B.H. Alemayehu, And S. Sokhansanj
Session name: Energy production
Identifier: CSBE09406
The black cutworm as a potential human food
Authors: E. Jobb, A.E. Ghaly
Session name: Bioprocessing
Identifier: CSBE09311
The design & setup of a portable aquatic laboratory for mitigation studies on aquatic invasive tunicates on pei, Canada.
Authors: G. Arsenault, J. Davideson, And T. Landry.
Session name: Aquaculture
Identifier: CSBE09102
Torrefaction process for agriculture and forest residues
Authors: A. Dutta And A. Pimchuai
Session name: Energy production
Identifier: CSBE09403
Truss school
Authors: K.J. Dick And S. Ingram
Session name: Safety and training
Identifier: CSBE09201
Use of plastic mulch for kalmia angustifolia (sheep laurel) weed control
Authors: M. Krishnapillai
Session name: Soil and water
Identifier: CSBE09606
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