Dairy Cow Bedding Material as an Environmental Source for Milk Microbiota

Authors: Fehr, Kelsey Breanne; Derakhshani, Hooman; Sepehri, Shadi; Plaizier, J. C. {Kees}; Khafipour, Ehsan
Description: The aim of this study is to identify environmental origins of milk microbiota and whether different origins, such as bedding, influence milk biodiversity differently between farms. To achieve this aim, we conducted a cross-sectional survey of three dairy farms that each used a different bedding material [Straw (ST), Sand (SA), and Recycled Manure Solids (RMS)]. Milk samples (N=137) were taken to identify milk bacterial diversity. Used bedding samples (N=50) which represented each farm, along with fecal and teat-end samples from lactating cows (N=133) were the taken to identify bacterial diversity of common environmental sources of milk microbiota. Extracted bacterial DNA was subjected to V1-V2 16S rRNA gene sequencing. A Bayesian approach was used to estimate the proportion of milk microbiota from environmental origins. The overall contribution of environmental microbiota to milk for the RMS farm was 47%, followed by 43% for the SA farm, and only 25% for the ST farm. Additionally, for only the ST farm, milk bacterial diversity was significantly lower than bacterial diversity of cows
Keywords: Dairy, Environment, Microbiome, Bedding, Management
Conference name: CSBE/SCGAB 2017 Annual Conference, Canad Inns Polo Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 6-10 August 2017.
Session name: Poster Session
Publisher: Canadian Society for Bioengineering
Date: 2017-08-07
Publication type:
  • Technical conference
Type: Text.Article
Format: PDF
Identifier: CSBE17172
Coverage: Canada
Language 1: en
Rights: Canadian Society for Bioengineering

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