AGM NABEC-CSBE Orillia (2012)

Biomass particle size measurement in one, two and three dimensions
Authors: Pilon, G, P Savoie, M-A Robert, S Mani
Keywords: biomass, particle, size, image analysis, sieving, shape
Session name: Standards
Identifier: CSBE12046
Bioretention systems in montreal tree pits
Authors: Kargar, M, Og Clark, P Jutras, W Hendershot, S Prasher
Keywords: bioretention systems, heavy metals, salt, tree pits, compost, biochar , optimum soil mixture
Session name: Ecological engineering
Identifier: CSBE12098
Cfd modeling of liquid-liquid two phase flow in biodiesel production
Authors: Adewale, P, M Ngadi
Keywords: cfd, multiphase flow, transesterification
Session name: Information technology
Identifier: CSBE12117
Characterizing airflow paths in grain bulks
Authors: Nwaizu, C, Q Zhang
Keywords: airflow, tortuosity, grain bulks, smoke, porosity
Session name: Food and bioprocess engineering
Identifier: CSBE12111
Classification of date varieties using statistical classifiers
Authors: Annamalai, M, A-Y Rashid, G Thomas
Keywords: computer vision, dates variety, statistical classification
Session name: Food and bioprocess engineering
Identifier: CSBE12132
Comparison of biomass handling options: round bales and rectangular bales
Authors: Liu, J
Keywords: baling, harvest, cost, logistics, storage
Session name: Machinery
Identifier: CSBE12096
Compost vessel with heat recovery and heat redistribution
Authors: Jamaleddine, E, Og Clark
Keywords: compost, waste management, organic waste, organic waste recycling, heat exchanger, heat recovery
Session name: Waste management
Identifier: CSBE12037
Computational fluid dynamics simulation of a turbulent multiphase flow system for optimization of clean-in-place (cip) technique for pipelines using farm milking system as a model
Authors: Dev, S, V Puri, A Demirci, R Graves
Keywords: multiphase flow, slug flow, numerical simulation, cip, pipelines
Session name: Food and bioprocess engineering
Identifier: CSBE12022
Concentration of off-gases in a scale down wood pellet storage system
Authors: Yazdanpanah, F, S Sokhansanj, Cj Lim, A Lau, T Bi, S Melin
Keywords: wood pellet, storage, aeration, purging, off-gassing, gas stratification, storage temperature, storage management
Session name: Biological systems
Identifier: CSBE12133
Corn yield response to drainage and subirrigation in Southern Manitoba
Authors: Cordeiro, M, Rs Ranjan, S Sager, B Shewfelt
Keywords: tile-drainage, water table, micro-topography, corn yield
Session name: Soil and water
Identifier: CSBE12113
Correlation between physical compost parameters and gaseous emissions
Authors: Peachey, B, Og Clark
Keywords: compost, gas, emissions, ftir
Session name: Waste management
Identifier: CSBE12097
Cryogenic pretreatments of blueberries: impact on omsotic dehydration and quality
Authors: Ratti, C, M Ketata, Y Desjardins
Keywords: cryogenic pretreatments, osmotic dehydration, blueberries, microscopy, mass transfer
Session name: Food and bioprocess engineering
Identifier: CSBE12095
Design of a reUSAble multilevel-tdr probe for measuring soil water content
Authors: Adelakun, I, Rs Ranjan
Keywords: time domain reflectometry, volumetric water content, gravimetric water content
Session name: Soil and water
Identifier: CSBE12116
Detection of callosobruchus maculatus (f.) infestation in mung bean (vigna radiata) using thermal imaging technique
Authors: Chelladurai, V, S Kaliramesh, D Jayas
Keywords: thermal imaging, mung bean, storage
Session name: Food and bioprocess engineering
Identifier: CSBE12121
Determination of pork marbling based on image texture analysis
Authors: Huang, H, L Liu, M Ngadi
Keywords: pork, marbling, gray-level co-occurrence matrix (glcm), support vector machine (svm)
Session name: Food and bioprocess engineering
Identifier: CSBE12084
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