AGM NABEC-CSBE Orillia (2012)

Development and modification of a direct passive solar dryer
Authors: Alonge, Af, Ao Omoniwa
Keywords: solar, passive, development, moisture, dryer, cassava
Session name: Machinery
Identifier: CSBE12013
Development and perfermance testing of a commercial variable rate sprayer for spot-application of agrochemicals in wild blueberry fields
Authors: Esau, T, Q Zaman, Y Chang, A Farooque, A Schumann
Keywords: digital color camera, gps, plant detection, weed detection, bare soil detection, real-time, vr controller
Session name: Machinery
Identifier: CSBE12034
Development of a process for the decentralized pre-treatment of lignocellulosic biomass
Authors: Kurian, J, Gsv Raghavan
Keywords: lignocellulosics, decentralization, pretreatment, biorefinery
Session name: Waste management
Identifier: CSBE12040
Development of a system for improved resolution of magnetic resonance elastography
Authors: Lee, F
Keywords: magnetic resonance, mri, magnetic resonance elastography
Session name: Machinery
Identifier: CSBE12069
Do we need new approaches for hydrologic design?
Authors: Warner, G
Session name: Soil and water
Identifier: CSBE12129
Ecomimetics for efficient buildings
Authors: Garcia Holguera, M, Og Clark
Keywords: biomimetics, ecomimetics, buildings, efficiency, ecosystems, entropy, architecture, thermodynamics
Session name: Building and structures
Identifier: CSBE12094
Effect of conditioning on the drying of alfalfa
Authors: Rennie, T
Keywords: drying, alfalfa, conditioning
Session name: Food and bioprocess engineering
Identifier: CSBE12010
Effect of different water application on yield and water use of bell pepper under greenhouse conditions
Authors: Aladenola, O, C Madramootoo
Keywords: bell pepper, greenhouse, irrigation, pan evaporation
Session name: Soil and water
Identifier: CSBE12050
Effect of hyperbaric treatment on respiration rates and quality attributes of sweet corn
Authors: Liplap, P, C Vigneault, B Goyette, J Boutin, Gsv Raghavan
Keywords: hyperbaric treatment, sweet corn, respiration rate, quality attributes
Session name: Food and bioprocess engineering
Identifier: CSBE12044
Effect of maceration, tedding and windrow handling sequence on hay drying
Authors: Morissette, R, P Savoie
Keywords: hay drying, haymaking machinery, maceration, tedding, moisture content, energy
Session name: Machinery
Identifier: CSBE12035
Effect previous tillage and crop rotation on tillage implement draft in a loam soil
Authors: Mclaughlin, N, C Topp
Keywords: crop rotation, energy, no-till, tillage, tractor fuel consumption
Session name: Machinery
Identifier: CSBE12039
Effects of agricultural water management systems on greenhouse gas emissions in eastern Canada
Authors: Ganem Cuenca, E, C Madramootoo
Keywords: irrigation, drainage, greenhouse gas, mitigation, climate change
Session name: Soil and water
Identifier: CSBE12124
Effects of chisel plow weight and width, depth of tillage and forward speed on the tillage kinetic parameters in a sandy soil
Authors: Alsuhaibani, S
Keywords: tillage, draft, unit draft, specific draft, coefficient of pull, sandy soil, instrumentation, chisel plow.
Session name: Machinery
Identifier: CSBE12085
Effects of popping on the nutrient availability of little millet
Authors: Kapoor, P, V Orsat
Keywords: little millet, thermal processing, nutrional quality, popping
Session name: Food and bioprocess engineering
Identifier: CSBE12060
Effects of process parameters on densification of rice husk at medium and low die pressures
Authors: Bakari, M, M Ngadi
Keywords: rice husk densification gum arabica groundnut shell paraffin wax afzelia africana
Session name: Waste management
Identifier: CSBE12090
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