CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

American Ecological Engineering Society 10th Annual Meeting

Meander bend regulation of surface-ground water exchange and impacts for restoration design
Authors: Bangshuai Han, Ted Endreny
Keywords: river restoration, structures, hyporheic
Identifier: CSBE101528
Microbial community analysis of ambient temperature anaerobic digesters
Authors: Richard Ciotola
Keywords: biogas, anaerobic digestion, psychrophilic, 16s rrna gene, microbial communities
Identifier: CSBE101387
Mopan and que'chi maya ecological engineering: design strategies for sustainable ecosystem restoration and human subsistence
Authors: Donald D. Rayome, Stewart A.W. Diemont
Keywords: ecological engineering, succession, traditional ecological knowledge, local ecological knowledge, indigenous, agroforestry, plant community, soil ecology, macrobiotic activity, mesoamerican biological corridor
Identifier: CSBE100800
Patterns in groundwater hydrology of a small constructed floodplain wetland
Authors: Andrea L Ludwig, W. Cully Hession
Keywords: groundwater, constructed wetland, hydrology, piezometers
Identifier: CSBE101604
Phosphorus removal from agricultural sub-surface drainage wastewaters in a constructed wetland
Authors: Michel Duteau
Keywords: biomass, green house gases, inter-row cropping, constructed wetland, microbial activity
Identifier: CSBE101609
Predicting dynamic equilibrium in streams in the olentangy river watershed, ohio, USA
Authors: Jonathan Witter, Andy Ward, Jessica L. D'Ambrosio
Keywords: dynamic equilibrium, stream geomorphology, physical integrity
Identifier: CSBE101493
Purlear creek habitat restoration case study
Authors: G. Jennings, M. Shaffer, K. Hall, J. Church, D. Penrose
Keywords: ecosystem restoration, macroinvertebrate
Identifier: CSBE100255
Quantifying and utilizing uncertainty in stream restoration design
Authors: Jonathan Patrick Resop, W. Cully Hession, Tess M. Wynn
Keywords: stream restoration, uncertainty, ecological engineering, stream design
Identifier: CSBE101585
Rain garden networks: impacts on water quality
Authors: Caitlin G Eger, Derek A Schlea, Jay F Martin
Keywords: rain gardens, bioretention, biofiltration, community networks
Identifier: CSBE101608
Reducing environmental vulnerability and enhancing community resiliency along the louisiana coast through the coastal sustainability studio
Authors: J.W Day, R. Twilley, L. Carter, E. Mossop, J. Carney, C.Willson, J. Erdman
Keywords: coastal sustainability, mississippi delta, inter-disciplinary
Identifier: CSBE101589
Riparian constructed wetladns for improving water quality in a polluted river in Southeastern mexico
Authors: HernàNdez, M.E., Ruiz-EnzàStiga P.
Keywords: stream restauration, constructed wetlands, riparian areas
Identifier: CSBE101195
Role of tao (belotia mexicana) in the traditional lacandon maya shifting cultivation ecosystem
Authors: Kaity Cheng, Stewart Diemont, Allan Drew
Keywords: agroforestry, swidden, improved tree fallow, traditional ecological knowledge
Identifier: CSBE101602
Sad-rh: a generic decision support system for water resource management
Authors: M.De A.G.M. Da Hora, E. Marques, A.F. Da Hora
Keywords: water resource policy, decision support systems, water uses
Identifier: CSBE101529
Short rotation coppice with robinia pseudoacacia l. - a land use option for carbon sequestration on reclaimed mine sites
Authors: A. Quinkenstein, C. Böhm, D. Freese, R. F. Hüttl,
Keywords: short rotation coppice, robinia pseudoacacia, carbon sequestration, land reclamation, soil quality, open cast lignite mining, bioenergy
Identifier: CSBE101326
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