Thermal environment modelling of the Chinese mono-slope solar greenhouse for cold regions

Authors: Dong, Shuyao; Guo, Huiqing
Description: The high heating cost of greenhouse production in winter continues to be a barrier for the greenhouse growers, thus limiting the growth of greenhouse industry in Saskatchewan which has 60-million-acre farmland. On the other side, mono-slope solar greenhouses do not primarily rely on supplemental heating but on solar energy to maintain indoor temperature. Fortunately, Saskatchewan has the highest sunshine hours all the year round which provides a favorable environmental condition for the establishment and development of mono-slope solar greenhouses, cutting down heating cost greatly.

This research project intends to simulate energy consumption of solar greenhouse production established in Saskatchewan using a simulation model. This model has limited uses with its existing setup. The first step is to modify this model to make it applicable to the cold climate in Saskatchewan, including meteorological year data input, double-layer front roof structure, inner and outer thermal blanket cover during the night, and so on. Next, the modified model will be run under various climatic and greenhouse operating conditions to obtain energy consumption results. Finally, TRNSYS software will be used to simulate the same type of mono-slope solar greenhouse and then the energy consumption results of the two models will be compared.

Expected result for this greenhouse heating simulation model is satisfactory simulation results which include energy consumption, indoor thermal environment, etc. With these results, greenhouse growers will know the difference in energy consumption between gutter-connected greenhouses and solar greenhouses, thus making winter local greenhouse vegetable production economical for Canadian Prairies.
Keywords: solar greenhouse, heating cost, cold regions
Conference name: CSBE/SCGAB 2017 Annual Conference, Canad Inns Polo Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 6-10 August 2017.
Session name: Session 1C: Agricultural Structures
Publisher: Canadian Society for Bioengineering
Date: 2017-08-07
Publication type:
  • Technical conference
Type: Text.Article
Format: PDF
Identifier: CSBE17003
Coverage: Canada
Language 1: en
Rights: Canadian Society for Bioengineering

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