CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

American Ecological Engineering Society 10th Annual Meeting

Engineering autonomy in an algal turf scrubber techno-ecosystem
Authors: David M. Blersch, Patrick Kangas
Keywords: algal turf scrubber, benthic algae, technoecosystem, feedback control, ecosystem metabolism
Identifier: CSBE101613
Evaluation of attached periphytic algal communities for biofuel feedstock generation
Authors: H.N. Sandefur, M.D. Matlock, T.A. Costello
Keywords: algal turf scrubber, biofuel, wastewater treatment
Identifier: CSBE101617
Evaluation of toxicity metrics and the toxicity of different production methods in the us
Authors: Z. Clayton-Niederman, L. Lanier Nalley, M.D. Matlock
Keywords: cotton, toxicity, impact assessment, lca
Identifier: CSBE101610
Flume analysis of in-channel restoration structures and impacts to secondary circulation flows
Authors: Tian Zhou, Ted Endreny
Keywords: river restoration, hydraulics, flume analysis
Identifier: CSBE101526
Gas production analysis of a fixed-dome digester operated under temperate climates in central ohio
Authors: J. Castano, J. Martin, R. Ciotola, D. Schlea, C. Eger
Keywords: anaerobic digestion, biogas production, fixed dome digester, temperate climates.
Identifier: CSBE101597
Green manure production as a value-added component of treatment wetlands for livestock wastewater
Authors: S. Devin Mclennan, Dawn Reinhold
Keywords: land applicaton, green manure, duckweed, azolla, treatment wetland
Identifier: CSBE101518
Greywater irrigation: antibacterial agents as barriers to greywater reuse
Authors: D.I. Harrow, R.J. Currer, R.E. Templin, K.H. Baker
Keywords: marginal water, low-impact development, greywater
Identifier: CSBE101593
Harvesting from our food waste - ecological treatment system for anaerobic digested food waste slurry
Authors: Hui Lin, Stewart A.W. Diemont, David L. Johnson
Keywords: ecological treatment system, living machine, food waste, anaerobic digestion, vermiculture, algae, ecological engineering
Identifier: CSBE100652
How to manage legume-rhizobia n2-fixing symbioses as ecological engineers?
Authors: Jean-Jacques Drevon, Hesham Hamza, Benoit Jaillard, Paula Rodino
Keywords: legume, n2 fixation, rhizobia, symbiosis, biog
Identifier: CSBE101480
In-lake algal bloom removal and ecological restoration using modified local soil technology
Authors: Gang Pan
Keywords: lake restoration, harmful algal bloom mitigation
Identifier: CSBE101575
Influence of hummocks and emergent vegetation on hydraulic performance in a surface-flow wastewater-treatment wetland
Authors: Joan S. (Thullen) Daniels, Steffanie H. Keefe And Larry B. Barber
Keywords: research and design of constructed treatment wetland systems
Identifier: CSBE101176
Investigating case-based reasoning for ecosystem design
Authors: Tania R. Lanphere, O. Grant Clark
Keywords: ecological engineering, ecosystem design, engineering design, multi-variate analysis, outcome prediction
Identifier: CSBE100711
Linking traditional agroforestry practices of the tsotsil maya in santo domingo las palmas, chiapas, mexico to ecosystem biodiversity, land management sustainability, and community well-being
Authors: Sarah J. Kelsen, Stewart A. W. Diemont, Bruce G. Ferguson
Keywords: ecological engineering, traditional ecological knowledge, biodiversity, ecosystem health, subjective well-being, indigenous, agroforestry, biocultural restoration, conservation, ecosystem indicators
Identifier: CSBE100788
Load estimations using loadest within agriculturally dominated watersheds across the continental united states
Authors: Ryan Zachary Johnston, Eric Cummings, Marty Matlock
Keywords: loadest, cropping practices, management practices, pollutant loading
Identifier: CSBE101603
Maximizing the hydrological impact of street trees through sidewalk design
Authors: S. Lingwood, O.G. Clark, P. Jutras, D. Kneeshaw
Keywords: : low impact development, urban forestry, soil drainage, hydrology
Identifier: CSBE101082
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