CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

American Ecological Engineering Society 10th Annual Meeting

Short rotation woody biomass production as option for the restoration of post-mining areas in lower lUSAtia, germany
Authors: Christian Böhm, Ansgar Quinkenstein, Dirk Freese, Reinhard F. Hüttl
Keywords: short rotation coppice, bioenergy, land use, restoration, post-mining-sites
Identifier: CSBE101040
Spatial and temporal variation in the biodegradation of organophosphate pesticides in agricultural drains and riparian wetlands
Authors: M.E. Karpuzcu, J. Hanlon, D. Sedlak, W. Stringfellow
Keywords: organophosphate pesticides, chlorpyrifos, biodegradation, phosphoesterases, enzyme activity, riparian wetlands, agricultural watersheds
Identifier: CSBE101384
The earsing sills oxbow wetland restoration effort: a case study in interdisciplinary collaborative education in ecosystem restoration
Authors: David M. Blersch
Keywords: ecosystem restoration, education, interdisciplinary, oxbow wetland, great lakes
Identifier: CSBE101624
The landscape dynamics in piraà da serra, Brazil
Authors: C. H. Rocha , Dayana Almeida Pedro Henrique Weirich Neto, MàRio Sérgio De Melo
Keywords: campos gerais, land use, gis
Identifier: CSBE101600
Update on setting the global temperature using ecological engineering
Authors: Alex J Horne
Keywords: global temperature, bark, carbon sequestration
Identifier: CSBE100450
Using usgs nawqa and epa wsa data to assess the impact of agricultural practices on aquatic biodiversity, in-stream water quality, and habitat parameters affecting benthic macroinvertebrates in the united states
Authors: Eric Cummings, Marty Matlock, Ryan Zachary Johnston
Keywords: benthic macroinvertebrates, biodiversity, row crop agriculture management practices
Identifier: CSBE101612
Water use and sustainability in global corn production
Authors: J.P. Resop, M.D. Matlock, W.C. Hession, M.K. Doane
Keywords: corn production, water demand, global, sustainability, life cycle assessment
Identifier: CSBE101591
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