CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

ASABE's 9th International Drainage Symposium

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A comparison of drainmod and swat for surface runoff and subsurface drainage flow prediction at the field scale for a cold climate
Authors: M. Chikhaoui, C. Madramootoo, A. Gollamudi
Keywords: drainmod, swat, field-scale hydrology, subsurface drainage flow, modelling, cold climate
Identifier: CSBE100071
A comparison of mike she and drainmod for modeling forested wetland hydrology in coastal South Carolina, USA
Authors: Z. Dai, D.M. Amatya, G. Sun, C.C. Trettin, C. Li, H. Li
Keywords: wetlands, land use change, mike she, drainmod, discharge, water table
Identifier: CSBE100261
A decade later: the establishment, channel evolution, and stability of innovative two-stage agricultural ditches in the midwest region of the united states
Authors: R. Kallio, A. Ward, J.L. D'Ambrosio, J.D. Witter
Keywords: floodplains, channel evolution, stability
Identifier: CSBE100209
Advances in sportsturf drainage
Authors: David B. Shelton
Identifier: CSBE100162
An initial assessment of a wetland-reservoir wastewater treatment and reuse system receiving agricultural drainage water in Nova Scotia
Authors: Michael Haverstock, Ali Madani, Rob Gordon, Peter Havard
Keywords: cold climate, drainage reuse, e. coli reduction, nutrient reduction, subsurface drainage, constructed treatment wetland
Identifier: CSBE100192
Application of drainmod-n model for predicting nitrate-n in paddy rice fields under controlled drainage in a costal region of Iran
Authors: H. Noory, H.Z. Abyaneh, H. Noory, A.-M. Liaghat
Keywords: controlled drainage, drainmod-n, nitrate, paddy rice
Identifier: CSBE100106
Application of swap to assess performance of subsurface drainage system under semi-arid monsoon climate
Authors: Ajit Kumar Verma, Suresh Kumar Gupta, Rajendra Kumar Isaac
Keywords: subsurface drainage, simulation, modeling, swap, waterlogging, sew30
Identifier: CSBE100218
Assessing the feasibility of drainmod application using soil hydraulic properties estimated by pedotransfer functions
Authors: Ahmed M. Abdelbaki, Mohamed A. Youssef
Keywords: drainmod, pedotransfer functions, hydraulic conductivity, soil water release data
Identifier: CSBE100170
Assessment of climate change impact on the subsurface drainage flow in the pike river watershed using the swat model
Authors: M. Chikhaoui, C. Gombault, C. Madramootoo, A. Michaud, I. Beaudin
Keywords: climate change, swat, hydrology, modeling, subsurface drainage flow, quebec
Identifier: CSBE100072
Assessment of rootzone water redistribution in corn following irrigation
Authors: M.R.C. Cordeiro, S. Satchithanantham, R. Sri Ranjan
Keywords: soil water redistribution, water content measurement, time-domain reflectometry, corn
Identifier: CSBE100227
Beyond the field: a look at agricultural ditch floodplains as a water quality bmp
Authors: S. Kallio, A. Ward, J.L. D'Ambrosio, J.D. Witter
Keywords: agricultural ditches, floodplains, bmps
Identifier: CSBE100207
Bioreactor design geometry effects on nitrate removal
Authors: L. Christianson, A. Bhandari, M. Helmers
Keywords: water quality, drainage, nitrate, bioreactor, denitrification, design
Identifier: CSBE100073
Certification of drainage contractor enterprises - experience in Quebec
Authors: Robert Lagacé, Daniel Laberge, François Lambert
Keywords: drainage, contractor, certification
Identifier: CSBE100301
Chemical characteristics and its irrigation effect of drainage water in ditches, yinbei irrigation districts, ningxia
Authors: Wang Shaoli, Xu Di, Yang Jianguo, Fang Shuxing
Keywords: drainage reuse for irrigation, mineralization, saline-alkaline, chemical characteristics
Identifier: CSBE100080
Comparison of drainmod and artificial neural network for predicting water table depth and drain discharge in a subsurface drainage system
Authors: H. Ebrahimian, H. Ojaghlou,, A. Liaghat, M. Parsinejad, B. Nazari,, H. Noory
Keywords: artificial neural network, drainmod, drain discharge, subsurface drainage, water table
Identifier: CSBE100087
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