CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

ASABE's 9th International Drainage Symposium

Papers in this category are available in ASABE Technical Library (ASABE's member access only).

Understanding the removal mechanisms of pharmaceutical compounds in a constructed wetland setup
Authors: Syed A Hussain, Shiv Prasher
Keywords: sorption, photodegradation, biotic, wetland
Identifier: CSBE101626
Using earth observation data for soil drainage classification and mapping
Authors: M.A. Niang, M.C. Nolin, S. Perrault, I. Perron, M. Bernier
Keywords: soil drainage, remote sensing, radarsat-1, radarsat-2, aster, ikonos images
Identifier: CSBE100271
Water balance and corn yield under different water table management scenarios in Southern Quebec
Authors: Ajay K Singh, Chandra A Madramootoo, Donald L Smith
Keywords: water use efficiency, corn, sap flow, stem gages, water table management, tile drainage
Identifier: CSBE100095
Water redistribution within the potato root zone following irrigation
Authors: S. Satchithanantham, M.R.C. Cordeiro And R. Sri Ranjan
Keywords: tdr miniprobes, soil water redistribution, hydraulic lift in potatoes
Identifier: CSBE100225
Water table response to drainage water management in Southeast iowa
Authors: M. Helmers, R. Christianson, G. Brenneman, D. Lockett, C. Pederson
Keywords: water table response, drainage volume, drainage water management, crop response
Identifier: CSBE100138
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