CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

ASABE's 9th International Drainage Symposium

Papers in this category are available in ASABE Technical Library (ASABE's member access only).

Controlled drainage to improve edge-of-field water quality in Southwest minnesota, USA
Authors: S.E. Feser, J.S. Strock, G.R. Sands, A.S. Birr
Keywords: controlled drainage, water quality
Identifier: CSBE100154
Determining optimized distance and depth of subsurface drains under unsteady flow conditions at multiple cropping pattern
Authors: F. Vahdat, A. Sarraf, E. Pazira, H. Sedghi
Keywords: subsurface drainage, drain depth, drain spacing, unsteady drainage models, land reclamation
Identifier: CSBE100055
Drainage control systems (dcs)
Authors: Vincent Machabee
Keywords: capillarity, water table, dcs, water management, drainage control system
Identifier: CSBE101668
Drainage design practices in irrigated agriculture new concepts gained from recent experiences in three countries of Maghreb, North Africa
Authors: B. Vincent, I. B. Aissa, A. Belouazni, A. Taki, A. Hammani, T. Hartani, S. Bouarfa
Keywords: drainage, magrehb, design, salt leaching, performance, sustainability
Identifier: CSBE100228
Drainage in heavy clay soil and sugar beet yield in eastern North delta
Authors: M.M. Moukhtar, A.I.N. Abdel-Aal, M.A.B. El-Shewikh
Identifier: CSBE100103
Drainage of irrigated lands
Authors: C. B. Dandekar, B. A. Chougule
Identifier: CSBE100037
Drainage on the delmarva peninsula: past history and future challenges
Authors: William F. Ritter
Keywords: drainage,water quality,delaware,marylandnd
Identifier: CSBE100130
Drainmod-simulated performance of drainage water management across the u.s. midwest
Authors: M. A. Youssef, R. W. Skaggs, A. M. Abdelbaki, K. R. Thorp, D. B. Jaynes
Keywords: drainmod, drainage, drainage water quality, drainage simulation models
Identifier: CSBE100206
Effects of drain depth on nitrate-n and phosphorus losses from drained agricultural lands receiving nitrogen and phosphorus from organic sources
Authors: C.A. Poole, R.W. Skaggs, G.M. Chescheir, M.R. Burchell
Keywords: drain depth, water quality, wastewater, fertilizer
Identifier: CSBE100224
Environmental and economic multi-objective model for managing irrigation and drain water
Authors: H. Noory, A.-M. Liaghat, M. Parsinejad, O.B. Haddad, M. Vazifedoust
Keywords: drain water management, irrigated agriculture, multi-objective model, salinity
Identifier: CSBE100104
Establishing a relationship between hydraulic efficiency and treatment performance in constructed wetlands
Authors: M.D. Wahl, L.C. Brown, A.O. Soboyejo, B. Dong, X. Li
Keywords: drainage, constructed wetland, hydraulic efficiency, residence time distribution
Identifier: CSBE100232
Estimating reclamation water requirement and predicting final soil salinity for soil desalinization
Authors: A. Sarraf, F. Vahdat, E. Pazira, H. Sedghi
Keywords: land reclamation, saline and sodic soils, reclamation water requirement
Identifier: CSBE100133
Evaluation of drainmod in predicting water table fluctuations and yield of canola in paddy fields (case study: Rasht, Iran)
Authors: M. Parsinejad , B. Hassanpour, M.R. Yazdani, P. Salahshour
Keywords: drainmod water table yield canola
Identifier: CSBE100199
Evaluation of two drainage models in South-west Iran
Authors: F. Samipour, M. Rabie, K. Mohammadi, M.H. Mahdian, A.A. Naseri
Keywords: drainage modeling, drainmod, swap, crop yield
Identifier: CSBE100027
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