CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

ASABE's 9th International Drainage Symposium

Papers in this category are available in ASABE Technical Library (ASABE's member access only).

Field evaluations of a forestry version of drainmod-nii model
Authors: S. Tian, M. A. Youssef, R.W. Skaggs, D.M. Amatya, G.M. Chescheir
Keywords: draindmod-nii, drainage, nitrogen dynamics, forest ecosystem modeling
Identifier: CSBE100185
Hydrologic modelling of an agricultural drained micro-watershed: performance analysis of coupled surface water/groundwater models
Authors: M. Muma, A.N. Rousseau, C. Paniconi, É. Van Bochove, M. Nolin, W. Yang, F. Branger
Keywords: subsurface drainage, physical modelling, coupled hydrologic model, cathy, drainmod, pestdrain
Identifier: CSBE100258
Impact of biosolid application on percolated water quality
Authors: Q. Uz Zaman, T.J. Esau, M.P. Roberts, A. Madani, A.A. Farooque
Keywords: biosolid, n-viro, fertilizer, nutrients, irrigation
Identifier: CSBE100089
Impact of climate change on drainage outflow and water quality in eastern Canada
Authors: S. Dayyani, S.O. Prasher, C.A. Madramootoo, A. Madani, S. Lebel
Identifier: CSBE100143
Impact on drainage water quality from amending agricultural soils in Nova Scotia with an alkaline stabilized biosolid
Authors: G.W. Price, A. Madani, J.D. Gillis
Keywords: water quality, biosolid amended soils, contaminants
Identifier: CSBE100219
Impacts of the chashma right bank canal on land use and cropping pattern in d.i.khan district (Pakistan)
Authors: Atta-Ur-Rahman, Amir Nawaz Khan
Keywords: land use, cropping pattern, impacts
Identifier: CSBE100093
Implications of agricultural drainage water reuse: i. crop yield and water productivity
Authors: A.A.-A. Aboukeira, A. El-Shafie, M.H. Rady
Keywords: drainage water, egyptian clover, mixing ratio, reuse, wheat, water use efficiency
Identifier: CSBE100253
Implications of agricultural drainage water reuse: ii. soil properties
Authors: Abdrabbo A. Abou Kheira, Amr El-Shafie, Mohamed H. Rady
Keywords: drainage water, egyptian clover, fertilizers, heavy metals, mixing ratio, npk, reuse, wheat
Identifier: CSBE100191
Laboratory study of the soil clay percent influence on the need for subsurface drainage system envelopes
Authors: H. Ojaghlou, T. Sohrabi, H. Rahimi, A. Hassan Oghli, B. Ababaei, M. Ghobadinia
Keywords: permeameter test, envelope, clay percentage, failure gradient, sodium adsorption ratio, exit gradient
Identifier: CSBE100177
Lessons gained from french r&d programs for pesticides dissipation by use of constructed wetlands
Authors: J. Tournebize, B. Vincent, C. Chaumont, E. Passeport, C. Gramaglia, P. Molle, J.-J. Gril, N. Carluer
Keywords: drainage, non point pollution, pesticides, co-construction, mitigation, constructed wetlands
Identifier: CSBE100231
Machines for wrapping drainage pipes with a defined voluminous synthetic fiber filter
Authors: Wilhelm Hevert
Keywords: voluminous fiber filters, wrapped drainpipe, pp filter, pipe wrapping machine, filter enveloping machine
Identifier: CSBE101667
Mapping soil moisture content variability using electromagnetic induction method
Authors: A.A.Farooque, Q. Zaman, A. Schumann, A. Madani, D. Percival, T. Esau
Keywords: soil moisture, variability, emi, sub irrigation, tdr, drainage dgps, gis
Identifier: CSBE100204
Measured effect of agricultural drainage water management on hydrology, water quality, and crop yield
Authors: M. Sunohara, M. Youssef, E. Topp, D.R. Lapen
Keywords: drainage and water quality, modeling, drainmod, drainmod-nii
Identifier: CSBE100175
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