CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

ASABE's 9th International Drainage Symposium

Papers in this category are available in ASABE Technical Library (ASABE's member access only).

Methods to estimate effects of drainage water management on annual nitrogen losses to surface waters
Authors: R. Wayne Skaggs, Mohamed A. Youssef, G.M. Chescheir
Keywords: water quality, drainmod, nitrogen
Identifier: CSBE100222
Minnesota agricultural ditch reach assessment for stability (madras): a decision support tool
Authors: J. Magner,,, B. Hansen, C. Anderson, B. Wilson,, J. Nieber,
Keywords: ditch, channel stability, assessment, erosion, aggradation
Identifier: CSBE100229
National inventory of artificially drained lands in germany
Authors: Björn Tetzlaff, Petra Kuhr, Frank Wendland
Keywords: drainage map, modeling, gis, water quality
Identifier: CSBE100078
New software for the optimal design of drainage network in steadystate sub-irrigation case study: greoni-ticvanu mare drainage arrangement
Authors: M. Teodor Eugen, B. Marinela, Constantinescu Laura Halbac-Cotoara-Zamfir Rares
Keywords: drenvsubir, moisture excess, drainage arrangements
Identifier: CSBE101429
Nitrate removal of drainage water with barley straw as a bioreactor filter
Authors: S.E. Hashemi, M. Heidarpour, B. Mostafazadeh-Fard, A. Madani, S.-F. Mousavi, M. Gheysari, M. Shirvani
Keywords: nitrate, bioreactor filters, denitrification, drainage water, barley straw
Identifier: CSBE100171
Nitrate-n loads to subsurface drains as affected by drainage intensity and agronomic management practices
Authors: Eileen J. Kladivko, L.C. Bowling, V. Poole
Keywords: drain spacing, drainage intensity, nitrate, cover crops
Identifier: CSBE100157
Nitrogen and phosphorus losses in surface runoff water from various cash cropping systems
Authors: Pingjin Jiao, Tiequan Zhang, Di Xu, Shaoli Wang
Keywords: natural rainfall, cash crop, water quality, surface runoff, nitrogen, phosphorus
Identifier: CSBE100082
Nutrient load from two drainage systems on clay soil
Authors: M. Paasonen-Kivekäs, M. Puustinen, R. Peltomaa, H. Äijö
Keywords: nutrient load, crop yield, drainage system
Identifier: CSBE100155
Occurrence of tylosin-resistant enterococci in swine manure and tile drainage systems under no-till management
Authors: Trang T. Hoang, Michelle L. Soupir
Keywords: enterococci, tylosin-resistant enterococci, occurrence, swine waste, antibiotics, mic
Identifier: CSBE100139
Performance of biodrainage systems in arid and semiarid areas with salt accumulation in soils
Authors: S. Akram, H. Liaghat
Keywords: drainage, biodrainage, sahysmod, water table, salinity
Identifier: CSBE100116
Performance of drainwat model in assessing the drainage discharge from a small watershed in the po valley (Northern Italy)
Authors: Maurizio Borin, Tomaso Bisol, Devendra M. Amatya
Keywords: agricultural n losses, watershed, drainwat, italy
Identifier: CSBE100086
Phosphorus losses though subsurface drainage in a loamy soil of iowa: effects of rates, timing and method of swine manure and fertilizer application
Authors: Chi Hoang, Ramesh Kanwar, Carl Pederson
Keywords: corn and soybean, liquid swine manure (lsm), phosphorus concentration, subsurface drainage, water quality.
Identifier: CSBE100149
Potential water quality impact of drainage water management in the midwest USA
Authors: Dan B. Jaynes, Kelly R. Thorp, David E. James
Keywords: drainage, nitrate, drainage water management, cost/benefit
Identifier: CSBE100084
Potential watershed nitrate load reduction with drainage water management under varied implementation options
Authors: S. Ale, L. Bowling, M. Youssef, S. Brouder, J. Frankenberger
Keywords: drainmod, drainmod-nii, drainage water management, nitrate load, watershed hydrology
Identifier: CSBE100137
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