CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

ASABE's 9th International Drainage Symposium

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Predicted impacts of climate change on crop production on drained lands in sweden
Authors: Mohamed A. Youssef Ingrid Wesström, And Ahmed M. Abdelbaki
Keywords: drainmod, drainage, drainage water quality, climate change
Identifier: CSBE100205
Preliminary study of the wrsis concept at the paddy-upland crops rotation area in Southern China
Authors: Shao Xiaohou,, Jin Qiu,, Hu Xiujun,, Zhu Liang, Xu Zheng
Identifier: CSBE100243
Salt leaching efficiency of subsurface drainage systems at presence of diffusing saline water table boundary: a case study in Khuzestan plains, Iran
Authors: E. Pazira, M. Homaee
Keywords: drainage water quality, drainage outflow salinity, drainage performance, salinity
Identifier: CSBE100109
Soil salinity change detection in irrigated area under qazvin plain irrigation network using satellite imagery
Authors: Peyman Daneshkar Arasteh
Keywords: soil salinity, satellite images, qazvin plain, irrigation network, landsat-tm/etm+
Identifier: CSBE100164
Storage and reuse of drainage water
Authors: Ingrid Wesström, Abraham Joel
Keywords: drainage water, reuse, storage
Identifier: CSBE100159
Streamflow characteristics of a naturally drained forested watershed in Southeast atlantic coastal plain
Authors: Devendra M. Amatya, Carl C. Trettin
Keywords: erunoff, peak flow, time to peak, response time, base flow (drainage)
Identifier: CSBE100188
Subsurface drainage nitrogen discharges following manure application: measurements and model analyses
Authors: J. Melkonian, L.D. Geohring, H.M. Van Es, P.E. Wright, T.S. Steenhuis, C. Graham
Keywords: nitrate-nitrogen, manure, water quality, maize, model
Identifier: CSBE100201
Suitable buffer strip width along rivers for nitrate n removal from paddy field drainage
Authors: Zhang Zhan-Yu , Chi Yi-Xia , Zhu Cheng-Li , Xia Ji-Hong
Keywords: buffer alfalfa strips, paddy field drainage, nitrate nitrogen, removal effect, suitable width
Identifier: CSBE100145
Surface runoff and soil physical properties as affected by subsurface drainage improvement of a heavy clay soil
Authors: Laura Alakukku, Eila Turtola
Keywords: water table management, soil structure response, environmental impact
Identifier: CSBE100147
Sustainability of biodrainage systems considering declining of evapotranspiration rate of trees due to soil salinization
Authors: H. Liaghat, And M. Mashal
Keywords: drainage, biodrainage, sustainability, sahysmod
Identifier: CSBE100129
Temperature effects on shallow water infiltration rates in an underground rock bed bmp
Authors: Michael Horst
Keywords: drainage modeling, infiltration, hydraulic conductivity, temperature effects
Identifier: CSBE100169
The effect of sampling frequency on the accuracy of nitrogen load estimates from drained loblolly pine plantations in eastern North Carolina
Authors: George M Chescheir, Francois Birgand, Shiying Tian, Mohamed A Youssef, Devendra Amatya
Keywords: nitrogen loading, water quality, forestry
Identifier: CSBE100215
The effects of treated wastewater on soil nitrogen dynamics and winter wheat growth under different groundwater depth
Authors: X.-B. Qi, Z.-D. Huang, P. Li, D.-M. Qiao, X.-Y. Fan
Keywords: variably saturated soils, sewage irrigation, nitrogen transport and transformation, winter wheat, groundwater table.
Identifier: CSBE100096
The relationship between watershed physiography, tile flow, and streamflow characteristics
Authors: R.P. Rudra, S.I. Ahmed, M. Khayer, W.T. Dickinson, B. Harabaghi
Keywords: tile drainage, stream flow, base flow, watershed physiography
Identifier: CSBE100241
The role of curli and cellulose in the transport and survival of escherichia coli on a central new york dairy farm
Authors: Anthony E. Salvucci, Mara Elton, Julie D. Siler, Wei Zhang, Brian K. Richards, Larry D. Geohring, Lorin D. Warnick, Anthony G. Hay, Tammo S. Steenhuis
Keywords: bacteria transport, water quality, vadose zone, curli, cellulose
Identifier: CSBE100161
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