CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

Symposium on Nanotechnologies Applied to Biosystems Engineering and the Environment

A novel single-step route based on solvothermal technique to shape-controlled titanium nanocrystals
Authors: Cao-Thang Dinh, Thanh-Dinh Nguyen, Freddy Kleitz, Trong-On Do
Keywords: nanocrystals, shape-controlled, titania, crystal, growth, nanoparticles, photocatalyst
Identifier: CSBE101360
A variable rate grain drill for planting seeds treated with silver nanoparticles
Authors: Navid Karimi, Saeid Minaei, Morteza Almasi, Ahmad Reza Shahverdi
Keywords: variable rate grain drill, silver nano particles, seed treatments
Identifier: CSBE101456
Adsorptive removal of phosphate anions from aqueous solutions using functionalized sba-15: effects of the organic functional group
Authors: S. Hamoudi, A. El-Nemr, K. Belkacemi
Keywords: adsorption, phosphate, mesoporous silica, ammonium-functionalized sba-15
Identifier: CSBE101305
Advances of research on structural characterization of agricultural products using atomic force microscopy
Authors: Liu Dongli, Cheng Fang
Keywords: atomic force microscopy (afm), agricultural products, surface topography, nanostructure
Identifier: CSBE100571
Alkanolamine/ionic liquid microemulsions: enhanced co2 capture ability with curbed corrosion behaviour
Authors: M. Hasib-Ur-Rahman , M. Siaj , F. Larachi
Keywords: alkanolamine, ionic liquid, microemulsion, flue gas, co2 loading, regeneration, corrosion
Identifier: CSBE100850
Antibacterial activities of nano-crystalline cao, mgo and zno on lactic bacteria
Authors: David Claveau, Zhenxing Tang, Luc Couture, Khaled Belkacemi, Joseph Arul
Keywords: nano-crystalline metallic oxide, antibacterial activities, lactic bacteria, spores, fruit juice spoilage
Identifier: CSBE101543
Antifungal activities of nano-crystalline and micrometric cao, mgo and zno
Authors: D.Claveau, Z.Tang, M.Balasundaram, L.Couture, K. Belkacemi, J. Arul
Keywords: nano-crystalline metal oxides, micrometric metal oxides , yeasts , fungal spores, lethal effect
Identifier: CSBE101544
Conjugated linoleic acid formation by hydrogenation isomerization of safflower oil over bifunctional novel structured catalyst
Authors: Nasima Chorfa, Safia Hamoudi, Joseph Arul, Khaled Belkacemi
Keywords: mesostructured catalyst, isomerization, hydrogenation, safflower oil, cla.
Identifier: CSBE100287
Convergence - big potential: microfluidics for food, agriculture and biosystems industries
Authors: Suresh Neethirajan, Francis Lin,
Keywords: microfluidization, food, biosystems, nano-emulsion, foams, micro-structure
Identifier: CSBE100304
Determination of the optimum combination of processes in nano-sizing flax fibres for use as sustainable reinforcement in bionanocomposites
Authors: Bruno Antonio Consuegra Siaotong, Satya Panigrahi, Lope Tabil
Keywords: bionanocomposites, flax nanofibres, nano-sizing
Identifier: CSBE100559
Development of carbon dioxide (co2) sensor using polymer nanoparticles for grain quality monitoring
Authors: Suresh Neethirajan, Michael Freund,, Digvir Jayas, Cyrus Shafai, Douglas Thomson, Noel White
Keywords: carbon dioxide sensor, food safety, food quality monitoring, nanoparticles, polymer sensors
Identifier: CSBE100368
Effect of addition of different types of modified clays in the properties of opacity and solubility of zein biofilm
Authors: Lopes-Filho, J.F, Tavares, L.L, Almeida, C.B, Corrêa, B.M
Keywords: biofilms, zein, organoclays
Identifier: CSBE101201
Effect of silver nanoparticles on seed protection in different soils
Authors: N. Karimi, S. Minaei, A.R. Shahverdi, M. Almassi
Keywords: silver nanoparticles, seed treatments, wheat
Identifier: CSBE101351
Effect on soil water and salt transfer by autumn irrigation for freezing and thawing period
Authors: Li Ruiping, Shi Haibin, Yang Shuqing, Wang Changsheng
Keywords: freezing and thawing period, autumn irrigation norm, soil water and salt transfer
Identifier: CSBE101669
Improvement of nutritional benefits in foods by incorporation of starch-antioxidant assemblies
Authors: Patricia Le Bail
Keywords: antioxidant, starch, molecular encapsulation, dsc , x ray diffraction
Identifier: CSBE101402
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