CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section I - Land and Water Engineering, including EnviroWater 2010

A meta-analysis of weather effects on corn nitrogen fertilization requirements
Authors: Min Xie, Nicolas Tremblay, Zhanmin Wei
Keywords: weather effects, corn nitrogen fertilization,response ratio
Identifier: CSBE100746
A triple-sensor horizontal penetrometer for on-the-go measuring soil moisture content, electrical conductivity and mechanical resistance
Authors: Qingmeng Zeng, Yurui Sun, Peter Schulze Lammers
Keywords: on-the-go measurement, triple-sensor horizontal penetrometer
Identifier: CSBE101339
Affect of drought on pollution of lenj station of zayandehrood river by artificial neural network (ann)
Authors: K. Mohsenifar, E. Pazira, N. Mohsenifar, F. Allahyari, S.H. Tabatabaei
Keywords: river, precipitation, artificial neural network and modeling
Identifier: CSBE101378
Agriculture, population and their impact on the global environment
Authors: Poritosh Roy, Takahiro Orikasa, Nobutaka Nakamura, Takeo Shiina
Keywords: agriculture, population, food supply, dietary choices, global environment
Identifier: CSBE100466
Application of mathematic models of water in irrigated bean crop under no-tillage system
Authors: Douglas Roberto Bizari, Edson Eiji Matsura, Marcio Mesquita
Keywords: mulching, efficiency of water applied, production of grains
Identifier: CSBE101193
Assessing different leaching models in South east Iran
Authors: Forough Allahyari Pour
Keywords: saline,desodification,desalinization,model
Identifier: CSBE100622
Characterization of energy requirements in pressurized irrigation networks and evaluation of potential energy saving meassures in Southern Spain
Authors: J.A. Rodriguez Diaz, E. Camacho Poyato, T. Carrillo Cobo
Keywords: water supply systems, water management, energy efficiency, andalucia
Identifier: CSBE100509
Confined and semi-confined compression curves of highly calcareous soil amended with organic manures
Authors: N. Aghilinategh, A. Hemmat, M. Sadeghi
Keywords: confined compression test, plate sinkage test, precompaction stress, compression index, compression curve
Identifier: CSBE100552
Crop coefficient of cowpea bean in Piaui state, Brazil
Authors: Edson A. Bastos, Aderson S. Andrade Jênior, Valber M. Ferreira, ClàUdio R. Silva, Antenor O. Aguiar Netto
Keywords: vigna unguiculata, evapotranspiration, weighing lysimeter
Identifier: CSBE100376
Cut chrysanthemum (chrysanthemum morifolium ramat.) irrigation schudeling under greenhouse conditions
Authors: Maryzélia Furtado De Farias, João Carlos Cury Saad
Keywords: cut chrysanthemum, irrigation scheduling, greenhouse
Identifier: CSBE101127
Deficit irrigation as an agricultural water management system for corn: a review
Authors: Abdrabbo Abdel-Azim Aboukeira
Keywords: corn yield and yield components, deficit irrigation, et deficit irrigation, irrigation optimization, optimum water use, limited irrigation, partial irrigation, regulated deficit irrigation, water productivity, water stress, yield response to water
Identifier: CSBE100254
Design and application study of transplanting & harvesting robot in plant factory
Authors: Li Xiugang, Zhang Xiaohui, Lan Libo, Zhou Zengchan, Bu Yunlong, Li Yingzhong
Keywords: plant factory, transplant, harvest, automatic control, robot
Identifier: CSBE101682
Design and evaluation of an automated short furrow irrigation system
Authors: Neil Lecler, Dustin Mills, Jeff Smithers
Identifier: CSBE101042
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