CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section I - Land and Water Engineering, including EnviroWater 2010

Determination and ahp analysis of the water price of dahuofang water diversion project
Authors: Yu-Qing Li, Guo-Hui Jiang
Keywords: dahuofang, water diversion project, price of water, ahp
Identifier: CSBE101678
Development of a model for estimating current and future irrigation water demand in Canada
Authors: Olanike Aladenola, Chandra Madramootoo
Keywords: agriculture, allocation, horticultural crops, irrigation model, water
Identifier: CSBE100331
Development of reference evapotranspiration models with limited data by using artificial neural networks structures
Authors: A.MartàNez, M.A. Moreno, J.F. Ortega, J.M. Tarjuelo, J.A. De Juan
Keywords: et0, limited data, hargreaves, artificial neural networks (ann)
Identifier: CSBE101050
Effect of nonionic surfactant brij 35 on the fate of metribuzin in a sandy soil
Authors: E. Elsayed, S.O. Prasher, R.M.Patel
Keywords: nonionic surfactants, brij 35, metribuzin, herbicide, mobility, lysimeter, sandy soil ,water quality
Identifier: CSBE101220
Effect of the type of sprinkler and height above the soil on onion (allium cepa l.) crop
Authors: J.A. De Juan, A. Dominguez, J.M. Tarjuelo, J.I. Córcoles, J.F. Ortega.
Keywords: central pivot irrigation system, emitter, irrigation uniformity, allium cepa l., crop yield.
Identifier: CSBE101017
Effect of water stress on water use efficiency and yield of nigella sativa in Kermanshah province in the west of Iran
Authors: Houshang Ghamarnia
Keywords: furrow irrigation, tape irrigation, nigella sativa, water use efficiency
Identifier: CSBE100294
Effect of water stress on yield and yield components of two wheat cultivars
Authors: Mehran Najmaei, Ali Soleymani, Ahmad Reza Golparvar
Keywords: irrigation, water stress, yield, yield components, drought resistance indices
Identifier: CSBE100210
Effects of mechanical aeration on the compaction and permeability of a grassy sward
Authors: Sayed Chehaibi, Mohamed Khelifi, Khaoula Abrougui
Keywords: grassy sward, soil compaction, mechanical aeration, soil resistance, permeability.
Identifier: CSBE101085
Effects of super absorbent polymers application methods on carrot germination and growth
Authors: Jian Yu, Han Liu, Jigang Shi, Yongli Yan, Isaac Shainberg
Keywords: sap, seed soaking, furrow, germination rate, crop yield
Identifier: CSBE100562
Effects of the crop root on the soil physic properties and soil water transport environment
Authors: Kozue Yuge, Mistumasa Anan
Keywords: soil water retentivity,soil water conductivity,simulation model,soil surface evaporation,water consumption
Identifier: CSBE100968
Environmental assessment for defining new management strategies for the conservation of soil and water resources
Authors: Silva, Moraes, Sartori, Zimback
Keywords: land capacity, watershed management, geographic information system
Identifier: CSBE100809
Evaluation of irrigation systems by using benchmarking techniques
Authors: J.I. Córcoles, J.M. Tarjuelo, M.A. Moreno, J.F. Ortega, J.A. De Juan.
Keywords: irrigation system, irrigation management, performance indicators, benchmarking.
Identifier: CSBE101003
Farmers mitigation and adaptation options to salinity in sicily (Italy)
Authors: N. Colonna, D. Rapti-Caputo, F. Lupia, M. Iannetta
Keywords: desertification, salinisation, mitigation
Identifier: CSBE100759
Forecasting hydrological time series in the face of climate change
Authors: Jan Adamowski
Keywords: time series, floods, forecasting, wavelets, artificial neural networks
Identifier: CSBE101184
Fostering irrigation practices in the humid tropics of (Southwestern) nigeria to sustain life and development
Authors: M.O. Alatise
Keywords: sub-basin, land, water, resources, hydro-salinity, yield, model, sprinkler, irrigation
Identifier: CSBE100901
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