CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section I - Land and Water Engineering, including EnviroWater 2010

Geographical shift in livestock production: consequences for land use planning and policy making
Authors: Gerrit J. Carsjens, Pierre Gerber
Keywords: livestock production, developing countries, spatial planning, peri-urban area
Identifier: CSBE100363
Grid based rainfall-runoff gis modelling to study the anthropogenic effect on the hydrology of a small watershed
Authors: M. Greppi, G. Senes
Keywords: rainfall, runoff, land cover change, gis modelling
Identifier: CSBE100546
Ground water recharge in wagarwadi watershed through recharge process and ground water flow models
Authors: K. P. Gore, V.V.S. Gurunadharao, B.S. Naik, D. Barman
Keywords: ground water, recharge process, watershed, modeling, simulation
Identifier: CSBE100152
How to integrate multi-sensor data for precision agriculture
Authors: A. Castrignanà’, M T F Wong, D. De Benedetto And D. Sollitto
Keywords: emi, em38, gamma-ray, spectrometry, soil, property, map
Identifier: CSBE101306
Impact assessment of climate change on irrigation by a distributed water circulation model
Authors: Takao Masumoto, Ryoji Kudo, Takeo Yoshida, Naoki Horikawa
Keywords: climate change, distributed water circulation model, impact assessment, irrigation, agricultural water use
Identifier: CSBE101332
Improving the performance of landscape sprinkler irrigation through field evaluations and modelling
Authors: Gonçalo Caleia Rodrigues, Paula Paredes, Maria Isabel ValàN, Cristina Henriques, Luis Santos Pereira
Keywords: performance analysis, decision support tools, simulation, field evaluation
Identifier: CSBE101153
Improving water and nitrogen use efficiency of potato by partial root-zone drying irrigation in the semi-arid area in China: A field experimental study
Authors: Ping Li, Xuebin Qi, Haiqing Wu, Xiangyang Fan, Dongmei Qiao, Tao Fan , Zhijuan Zhao , Zhongdong Huang, Donghai Zhu, Chao Hu
Keywords: nitrogen uptake, residual nitrogen, partial root-zone drying, subsurface drip irrigation, furrow irrigation.
Identifier: CSBE101676
Integrated water supply management at watershed scale for agricultural purposes in a perspective of adaptation to climate change
Authors: Jean-François Cyre, Richard Turcotte, Charles Poirier, Diane Chaumont
Keywords: water resource management, climate change, adaptation, watershed management, hydrological modeling
Identifier: CSBE100520
Investigating the potential for rice production with sprinkler irrigation
Authors: E. Vories, W. Stevens, P. Tacker, P. Counce, J. Henggeler, A. Wrather
Keywords: irrigation, rice, water management
Identifier: CSBE100561
Irrigation management in real time for arugula crop in sergipe
Authors: Anderson Nascimento Do Vasco, Antenor De Oliveira Aguiar Netto, Renata Silva-Mann, Edson Alves Bastos
Keywords: weather station, reference evapotranspiration, eruca sativa.
Identifier: CSBE100715
Irrigation system management assisted by thermal imagery and spatial statistics
Authors: Steven J. Thomson, Claudiane M. Ouellet-Plamondon, Sherri L. Defauw, Yanbo Huang, Daniel K. Fisher , James E. Hanks, Patrick J. English
Keywords: water management, crop water stress, geostatistics, spatial variability, yield potential
Identifier: CSBE101126
Mapping of soil salinity and clay content based on electromagnetic induction measurements by em38
Authors: Shamaila Zia, Du Wenyong, Wolfram Spreer, Xiongkui He, Joachim Müller
Keywords: em 38, salinity, precision irrigation, electromagnetic induction, north china plain soil mapping, eca.
Identifier: CSBE100739
Mathematical models for flood management: efficiency and reliability
Authors: D. Dewrachien , V. Garattini, S. Mambretti
Keywords: flood control,digital elevation models,mathematical models
Identifier: CSBE100549
Method to supress or remove blue-green algae in the pond of large area by micro bubbles
Authors: Takeshi Nakashima, Yutaka Hirata
Keywords: pond, ash disposal, purification, micro bubbles, blue-green algae, bio-indicator
Identifier: CSBE100567
Modelling baffles in water acquaculture ponds
Authors: Elena Bresci, Antonio Giacomin, Mario Falciai, Carlos Alberto Alves Meira
Keywords: baffles, residence time, hydraulic models, similitude
Identifier: CSBE100995
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