CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section I - Land and Water Engineering, including EnviroWater 2010

Modelling phosphorus inputs from diffuse and point sources with mephos in germany - a contribution to the implementation of the eu water legislation
Authors: Björn Tetzlaff
Keywords: catchment management, diffuse source pollution, phosphorus, river basin management, eu water framework directive
Identifier: CSBE100081
Modelling the groundwater dynamics as influenced by water management in hetao irrigation district, upper yellow river basin, and predicting impacts of foreseen water use and savings
Authors: Xu Xu, Guanhua Huang, Zhongyi Qu, Luis S. Pereira
Keywords: groundwater modeling, modflow, geographic information system, water-saving practices, irrigation district
Identifier: CSBE100684
Monitoring of dust emission and development of a cfd model to predict the dispersion of fugitive dust at a reclaimed land
Authors: H.-S. Hwang, I.-B. Lee, I.-H. Seo, S.-W. Hong, J. Bitog, J.-I. Yoo, K.-S. Kwon And J.-S. Choi
Keywords: cfd, dust dispersion, fugitive dust, reclaimed land, sem-edx analysis, statistical analysis, topographical modeling
Identifier: CSBE100890
Optimal hydraulic and energy design of pivots directly fed with groundwater
Authors: M. A. Moreno, J.F. Ortega, D. Medina, A. MartàNez, J.M. Tarjuelo
Keywords: pumps, well, aquifer, optimization, characteristic curve, energy efficiency, pivot
Identifier: CSBE101047
Phosphorus removal and recovery from high calcium hog lagoon supernatant using a gravity settled struvite reactor
Authors: Joe N. Ackerman, Nazim Cicek
Keywords: phosphorus, swine manure, struvite, nutrient recycling
Identifier: CSBE101468
Prediction of the max flow for the model sasis: sensibility to the empirical parameters of the form of the furrow
Authors: R. V. Pordeus, C. A. Vieira De Azevedo, G. V. Marques, S. Severino Da Silva, J. O. Pereira
Keywords: furrow irrigation, simulation, optimization
Identifier: CSBE100654
Preliminary study on the preparation of a new flocculant and the application on treatment of potato starch wastewater
Authors: Xie An, Li Shujun, Lin Yaling, Yang Bingnan, Yang Yanchen, Liu Jing
Keywords: potato starch wastewater, flocculants, cationic starch
Identifier: CSBE100534
Research on geomembrane-paving machine for u-shape canal
Authors: Junfa Wang, Xu Ma, Guilian Wang
Keywords: geomembrane saving water canal seepage-proofing mechanization
Identifier: CSBE101680
Response of spring-maize and soil to saline irrigation in Northwest China
Authors: Jing Jiang, Shaoyuan Feng, Yongsheng Wang
Keywords: saline irrigation,spring-maize,growth,yield
Identifier: CSBE100883
Revitalizing smallholder irrigation schemes in limpopo province of South Africa
Authors: Pieter De Witt
Keywords: smallholder, communal, irrigation, revitalisation, commercial, south africa
Identifier: CSBE100670
Safflower (carthamus tinctorius l.) water use from shallow good quality and saline water tables in lysimeteric experiment in a semiarid region of Iran
Authors: Houshang Ghamarnia, Mohsen Golamian, Saloome Sepehri
Keywords: shallow groundwater, ground water contribution, lysimeters, salinity, safflower
Identifier: CSBE100292
Searching for improved irrigation scheduling alternatives for horticultural crops in the humid tropics
Authors: YoàMa ChaterliN, MaràA León, Carmen Duarte, Teresa López, Paula Paredes, Gonçalo C. Rodrigues, Luis S. Pereira
Keywords: soil water balance, simulation model, water productivity, horticultural crops, humid climate
Identifier: CSBE101118
Sensors for effective irrigation scheduling and improved water use efficiency of cotton cultivars
Authors: C. Bellamy, A. Khalilian, H. Farahani, C. Privette, E. Barnes
Identifier: CSBE101545
Several groundwater levels affecting sorghum plants in protected environment
Authors: Antonio Evaldo Klar, Adriana Aki Tanaka
Keywords: evapotranspiration, crop coefficient, lysimeter
Identifier: CSBE101637
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