CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section I - Land and Water Engineering, including EnviroWater 2010

Simulation of site-specific irrigation control strategies with sparse input data
Authors: Alison C Mccarthy, Nigel H Hancock, Steven R Raine
Keywords: adaptive control, automation, water use efficiency, spatial variability
Identifier: CSBE100501
Simulation of the irrigation for furrow for the model sasis: sensibility to the factors of space consideration and storm
Authors: R. V. Pordeus, C. A. Vieira De Azevedo, G. V. Marques, S. S. Da Silva, J. O. Pereira
Keywords: furrow irrigation, simulation, optimization
Identifier: CSBE100695
Soil bioengineering tecniques in flood risk mitigation in friuli venezia giulia region (Italy)
Authors: Sanna Sebastiano
Keywords: soil bio-engineering, environmental restoration, plants, soil erosion, landslides
Identifier: CSBE100627
Soil moisture, electric conductivity and temperature dynamics and maize growth under alternate furrow irrigation
Authors: Li Cai-Xia, Chen Xiao-Fei, Sun Jing-Sheng, Li Fu-Sheng, Gao Yang, Zhou Xin-Guo
Keywords: alternate furrow irrigation, maize, electric conductivity, temperature, water use efficiency
Identifier: CSBE101679
Stress relaxation behaviour of a highly calcareous soil amended with long-term application of three organic manures
Authors: Abbas Hemmat, N. Aghilinategh, M. Sadeghi
Keywords: : viscoelastic properties, maxwell model, municipal solid waste compost, sewage sludge, farmyard manure
Identifier: CSBE100556
Studies on appropriate depth of leaching water along with reclamation-rotation program (a case study in mid-part of Khuzestan, Iran)
Authors: F. Rajabzadeh, E. Pazira, M .H. Mahdian
Keywords: empirical model, iran, khuzestan plain, reclamation-rotation method, saline soil, sodic soil
Identifier: CSBE100127
Studying different types of leaching models in two pilots located at South east of khoozestan province
Authors: Forough Allahyari, Kamran Mohsenifar, Said Haghighat, Ebrahim Pazira
Identifier: CSBE100666
Sustainable planning of land use changes in farming areas under ecological protection
Authors: Francisco Montero-GarciA, Francisco Montero Riquelme Antonio Brasa-Ramos, Gerrit Carsjens
Keywords: special protection areas, land use planning, gis
Identifier: CSBE100979
The contribution of agroforestry systems to ecosystem services
Authors: D. Freese, C. Böhm, A. Quinkenstein, R.F. Hüttl
Keywords: agroforestry, ecosystem services
Identifier: CSBE101565
The dual crop coefficient approach: application of the simdualkc model to winter wheat in North China plain
Authors: Zhao Nana, Liu Yu, Cai Jiabing, Paula Paredes, Ricardo Rosa, Luis S. Pereira
Keywords: basal crop coefficients, evaporation coefficient, soil evaporation, crop transpiration, winter wheat
Identifier: CSBE101164
The potential of using a new agricultural system for improving water productivity of wheat
Authors: Abdrabbo Abdel-Azim Aboukeira
Keywords: egypt, modified surface irrigation, planting methods, plant population, raised bed, sowing, transplanting, water use efficiency
Identifier: CSBE100256
The relation between non-irrigated planting at sandy land and micrometeorological alleviation in Ningxia, China
Authors: Taichi Maki
Keywords: non-irrigated planting, micrometeorological alleviation, air temperature, relative humidity, china
Identifier: CSBE100362
The study of irrigated model of comprehensive utilization of brackish water and fresh water via field experiments
Authors: Yang Shuqing, Ma Jinhui, Ye Zhigang, Liu Deping
Keywords: brackish water irrigation model rotation irrigation field experiment hetao irrigation area
Identifier: CSBE101681
Treatment of dairy soiled water using a woodchip filter
Authors: Eimear Ruane, Paul N.C. Murphy , Eoghan Clifford, Edmond O
Keywords: dairy, soiled water, woodchip filter, filtration, nitrogen removal
Identifier: CSBE101469
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