CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section II -Farm Buildings, Equipment, Structures and Environment

A critical evaluation of the accuracy of tracer gas measurements in ventilated spaces
Authors: Sezin Eren Ozcan, Daniel Berckmans
Keywords: natural ventilation, ventilation rate, tracer gas, measurement error, emission monitoring
Identifier: CSBE100467
A farm system approach to analyze greenhouse gas (ghg) mitigation strategies for ruminant production systems
Authors: Meyer-Aurich, A., W. Berg, S. Kraatz, A. Schattauer, H. Klauss, B. Linke, M. Plöchl
Keywords: co2-mitigation, greenhouse gases, dairy system, anaerobic digestion
Identifier: CSBE101055
A model for the evaluation of building sustainability in agri-food industry
Authors: F. Barreca, G. Cardinali, S. Di Fazio
Keywords: buildings sustainable index, agrifood buildings, sustainable food
Identifier: CSBE101502
A new design for highly efficient partial pit ventilation
Authors: Poul Pedersen, Thomas Ladegaard Jensen
Keywords: pti ventilation, ammonia, odour, hydrogen sulphide, emissions
Identifier: CSBE101025
A sequential wet scrubber using re-circulated and biological processed water for purification of discharge air from pig houses
Authors: Peter Kai, Hisamitsu Takai, Preben J. Dahl, Hitoshi Ogawa
Keywords: odour, ammoni, scrubber, bioreactor, ozone
Identifier: CSBE101640
A summary of ventilation rate measuring techniques through ventilated buildings
Authors: Sezin Eren Ozcan, Erik Vranken, Daniel Berckmans
Keywords: ventilation rate, natural ventilation, measuring techniques, tracer gas, accuracy
Identifier: CSBE100472
Activity analysis in broiler chickens with different gait scores
Authors: A. Aydin, O. Cangar, S. Eren Ozcan, C. Bahr, D. Berckmans
Keywords: activity, broiler chickens, gait score, automatic monitoring
Identifier: CSBE100361
Aerodynamic analysis of air pollutants in pig farms using cfd technology
Authors: J-S. Choi, , I-B. Lee, S-W. Hong, H-S. Hwang, I-H. Seo, J. P. Bitog, , K-S. Kwon, S-Y Song
Keywords: computational fluid dynamics(cfd), livestock, spread of disease, topography.
Identifier: CSBE100888
Air pollution and livestock production
Authors: A.C. Watt , S.M. Aziz , T.M. Banhazi
Keywords: agriculture, control methods, dust particles, gaseous pollutants, livestock farming, measurements
Identifier: CSBE101366
Ammonia and carbon dioxide emissions in tunnel - ventilated broiler houses in sao paulo state - Brazil
Authors: K.A.O. Lima, D.J. Moura, L.G.F. Bueno, T.M.R. Carvalho, G.T.
Keywords: thermal comfort, poultry, gas emission
Identifier: CSBE100550
Ammonia emissions from broiler housing facility: influence of litter properties and ventilation
Authors: M. Knížatová, Å . Mihina, J. Broucek, I. Karanduå Ovskà, J. Macuhovà
Keywords: ammonia, litter, broiler chickens,grow-out period, ventilation rate
Identifier: CSBE101015
Ammonia reduction and maintenance costs for old air cleaning systems and slurry acidification systems
Authors: Merete Lyngbye
Keywords: ammonia, emmision, air cleaners, slurry treatment
Identifier: CSBE101163
An expert system for planning and designing milking parlour constructions
Authors: M. Hatem, M. Samer, H. Grimm, R. Doluschitz, T. Jungbluth
Identifier: CSBE100252
An instrument for measuring the skid resistance of floors in livestock housing
Authors: Paolo Liberati, Paolo Zappavigna
Keywords: testing, flooring material, animal behaviour
Identifier: CSBE100936
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