CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section II -Farm Buildings, Equipment, Structures and Environment

Anaerobic co-fermentation process using the swine manure with organic byproduct
Authors: In Hwan Oh, W.G. Kim
Keywords: anaerobic co-fermentation, swine manure, biogas, corn silage, kitchen waste
Identifier: CSBE101373
Anaerobic digestion as a slurry management strategy: a consequential life cycle assessment
Authors: Lorie Hamelin, Marianne Wesnæs, Henrik Wenzel, Bjoern M Petersen
Keywords: life cycle assessment, biogas, slurry management, slurry separation, carbon, methane, anaerobic digestion
Identifier: CSBE101132
Application of slightly acidic electrolyzed water for disinfection in a broiler farm
Authors: X. Hao, B. Li, Y. Ji, X. Tan, Y. Shang, D. Zhou, X. Sui, W. Cao
Keywords: slightly acidic electrolyzed water, poultry farms, disinfection, pathogens
Identifier: CSBE100320
Assessing odour plumes surrounding swine operations
Authors: Qiang Zhang, Xiaojing Zhang
Keywords: odour, dispersion, swine operation, human sniffer
Identifier: CSBE101135
Automatic and frequency-programmable systems for feeding tmr: state of the art and available technologies
Authors: C. Bisaglia, F. Nydegger, A. Grothmann, J. Pompe
Keywords: cattle, feeding, total mixed ration
Identifier: CSBE101506
Bedding materials for cattle barns and their thermo- technical properties in different climatic conditions
Authors: J. Lendelovà, Å . Mihina, Å . Pogran
Keywords: thermo-technical properties, bedding, dairy cows
Identifier: CSBE101021
Biodegradable plant pot from flax straw and manure
Authors: A. Singh, K. Sabally, S. Kubow, D. Donnelly, V. Orsat, G.S.V. Raghavan
Keywords: biodegradable, manure, flax straw, petroleum-based plastic pots
Identifier: CSBE100818
Biodrying of animal slaughterhouse residues and heat production
Authors: Yves Bernard
Keywords: biodrying, slaughterhouse residues, heat, composting
Identifier: CSBE101041
Biofilter combined with a biotrickling filter and a chemical air scrubber
Authors: Anders Leegaard Riis
Keywords: biofilter, air cleaning, odour
Identifier: CSBE101260
Broiler gas spatial variability on different minimum ventilation systems
Authors: D.J. Moura, T.M.R. Carvalho, Z.M. Souza, I.A. Nääs, G.S. Souza
Keywords: geostatistics,broiler production, ventilation
Identifier: CSBE100659
Cfd analysis and comparison of forced-ventilation systems of poultry houses in korea
Authors: S.-H. Song, I.-B. Lee, H.-S. Hwang, S.-W. Hong, I.-H. Seo, J.P. Bitog, K.-S. Kwon, J.-S. Choi
Keywords: computational fluid dynamics (cfd), forced ventilation, large eddy simulation (les), poultry houses
Identifier: CSBE100893
Cfd modeling of livestock odor dispersion on complex topography
Authors: S.-H. Kwon, S.-W. Hong, I.-B. Lee, H.-S. Hwang, I.-H. Seo, Y.-H. Kim, S.-B. Lee
Keywords: cfd(computational fluid dynamics), livestock , odor dispersion, topographical modeling
Identifier: CSBE100870
Comparison of ammonia emissions from a naturally ventilated dairy loose housing with solid floor surfaces over two seasons
Authors: S. Schrade, M. Keck, K. Zeyer, L. Emmenegger, E. Hartung
Keywords: ammonia emission, tracer ratio method, dairy cattle, loose housing, outdoor exercise area, natural ventilation
Identifier: CSBE101117
Construction design systems for sustainable farm buildings. a case study in calabria, Italy
Authors: S. Di Fazio, L. Lamberto
Keywords: farm building, building sustainability, constructional systems, calabria
Identifier: CSBE101525
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