CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section II -Farm Buildings, Equipment, Structures and Environment

Daily pattern of sound level in a caged hens facility as an indicator of daily activity variation
Authors: F. Estellés, E. Adell, A. Torres, S. Calvet
Keywords: hens,sound level,activity
Identifier: CSBE100469
Dairy manure amendment effects on odor and gas emissions
Authors: E.F. Wheeler, M.A.A. Adviento-Borbe, R.C. Brandt, M.A. Bruns, P.A. Topper, H.A. Elliott, A.N. Hristov, V.A. Ishler, D. A. Topper, R. E. Graves, R.S.Thomas, G.A. Varga
Keywords: dairy, ammonia, odor, gas, methane, additives, manure
Identifier: CSBE100644
Development and testing of technical measures for the abatement of pm10 emissions from poultry housings
Authors: N.W.M. Ogink, A.J.A. Aarnink, J. Mosquera, A. Winkel
Keywords: pm10 emission abatement poultry
Identifier: CSBE100624
Development and validation of a simplified method to quantify gaseous emissions from cattle buildings
Authors: M. Hassouna, P. Robin, A. Brachet, J.M. Paillat, J.B. Dollé, P.Faverdin
Keywords: emission factors,cattle,ammonia,greenhouse gas,simplified method
Identifier: CSBE100758
Development of a biogas purifier for rural areas in Japan
Authors: Yoshiaki Kimura, Seiichi Yasui, Takahisa Hinata, Noboru Noguchi, Takayuki Tsukamoto, Toshiyuki Imai, Makoto Kanai, Zyuzou Matsuda
Keywords: biogas plant, biogas purifier, gas separation membrane, carbon-neutral
Identifier: CSBE100492
Development of a distribution system for measuring nozzle integrative parameter
Authors: Xinyu Xue, Jian Liang, Pingzeng Liu, Yubin Lan
Keywords: nozzle, performance test, software, image processing, neural network
Identifier: CSBE100961
Development of a fast measurement method for the determination of ammonia emission reduction from floor related measures
Authors: J. Mosquera, H.J. Van Dooren, A. Aarnink, N.W.M. Ogink
Keywords: ammonia emission flux chamber
Identifier: CSBE100682
Development of a solar thermal storage system suitable for the farmhouse heating in Northeast China
Authors: Moon-Ki Jang
Keywords: passive solar house,radiant floor heating system,energy-saving farmhouse,indoor thermal environment,pebble bed storage
Identifier: CSBE100884
Development of bioengineering processes to transform greenhouse waste into energy, fertilizer and tomato
Authors: Danya Brisson, Daniel I. Massé, Pierre Juteau, Martine Dorais
Keywords: greenhouse waste, anaerobic digestion, nitrification, sustainable greenhouse production, organic fertilizer, digester effluents
Identifier: CSBE101221
Disinfection efficiency and prevention of mastitis by slightly acidic electrolyzed water in a dairy farm
Authors: S. Nan, C. Wang, B. Li, Q. Ma, S. Wang, Z. Hou, W. Cao
Keywords: slightly acidic electrolyzed water, dairy farms, disinfection, mastitis, feet bath
Identifier: CSBE100321
Dust and ammonia emissions from uk poultry houses
Authors: T.G.M. Demmers, A. Saponja, R. Thomas, G.J. Phillips, A.G.
Keywords: bioaerosol pm10 dust ammonia poultry emission
Identifier: CSBE100942
Effect of a water-cooled cover on the thermal comfort of pregnant sows in hot and humid climate
Authors: Zhenzhen Pang, Baoming Li, Hongwei Xin, In Bok Lee, Lei Xi, Wei Cao, Jessie Pascual P. Bitog, Chaoyuan Wang, Wei Li
Keywords: localized cooling, heat stress, pregnant sows, thermal comfort
Identifier: CSBE100921
Effect of construction and environmental factors on the performance of heating and cooling systems for poultry production
Authors: M. Clara De Carvalho Guimarães, Fernando Da Costa Baêta, Ilda De Fátima Ferreira Tinôco, Déborah Cunha Cassuce, Irene Menegali, Jairo Alexander Osório Saraz
Keywords: thermal artificial systems, poultry, rural structures
Identifier: CSBE101139
Effect of temperature and physico-chemical characteristics on the efficiency of coagulation flocculation pretreatment of water on dairy farms
Authors: Lucie Masse, Daniel I. Massé, Éric Pariseau, Guy Seguin
Keywords: water quality, disinfection treatment, on-site treatment, bacteria
Identifier: CSBE100645
Effects of air exchange, temperature and slurry management on odorant emissions from pig production units and slurry tanks studied by proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometry (ptr-ms)
Authors: A. Feilberg, A. P. S. Adamsen, D. Liu, M. J. Hansen, P. Bildsoee
Keywords: odour emission, pig house, manure handling, ptr-ms
Identifier: CSBE101079
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