CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section II -Farm Buildings, Equipment, Structures and Environment

Effects of different cluster types on teat condition and milk release parameters
Authors: S. Sagkob, H.-J. Rudovsky, S. Pache, H.-J. Herrmann, W. Wolter, H. Bernhardt
Keywords: soft massage milking, teat end condition, milk release
Identifier: CSBE100690
Effects of photoselective shade nets on the meteorological elements, growth and radiation use efficiency of cucumber
Authors: Regis De Castro Ferreira, Natan Fontoura Da Silva, Ricardo De Sousa Bezerra
Keywords: cucumis sativus, photossinteticaly active radiation, dry matter
Identifier: CSBE101226
Effects of wood shavings addition and different climatic conditions on ammonia and odour emissions from fresh animal manure
Authors: Ngwa Martin Ngwabie, Sven Nimmermark, Knut-Hakan Jeppsson, Gosta Gustafsson
Keywords: dry matter,volatilisation,temperature
Identifier: CSBE100900
Electro-separation process for treating liquid animal manures
Authors: Simon-P. Guertin, Daniel Massé, François Lamarche
Keywords: electrochemical process, electro-flotation, liquid manure
Identifier: CSBE100547
Energy consumption and commercial applications of liquid foam insulation technology for greenhouses
Authors: J.Villeneuve, D. De Halleux, K. Aberkani, S. Vineberg
Keywords: greenhouse, energy saving, cover material, insulation, foam
Identifier: CSBE100407
Environmental comfort of early weaned piglets in different heating systems
Authors: Sarubbi. J., Rossi, L.A., Moura, D.J., Oliveira, R.A., Jacome, I.M.D.T.
Keywords: swine production, pig nursery, animal welfare, heated floor
Identifier: CSBE101137
Environmental impacts of manure management strategies in pig production
Authors: F. Pelletier, S. Godbout, S.P. Lemay, M. Belzile
Keywords: life cycle assessment, pig production, manure management
Identifier: CSBE101517
Equipment for dust reduction in grain handling: evaluation of dust and chaft extractor and aspirator
Authors: Qiuqing Geng, Gunnar Lundin
Keywords: aspirator, dust & chaff extractor, dust reduction, health risk threshold value, grain handling, working environment
Identifier: CSBE100899
Evaluating the performance of vegetative treatment systems on open beef feedlots in the midwestern united states
Authors: Bradley J. Bond, Robert T. Burns, Christopher Henry, Todd P. Trooien, Steve H. Pohl, Lara B. Moody, Matthew J. Helmers, John D. Lawrence
Keywords: feedlot runoff, vegetative treatment system, manure management
Identifier: CSBE101057
Evaluation of different minimum ventilation systems in the production of broiler chickens on air quality for periods of 1 to 7 days
Authors: Irene Menegali, Ilda De FàTima Ferreira Tinà”Co, Sérgio Zolnier, Keles Regina Antony Inoue, Maria Clara De Carvalho Guimarães
Keywords: minimal ventilation systems, air quality, broiler chickens production
Identifier: CSBE101010
Evaluation of injection sites of thermal sensing transponders in cattle for automatic body core temperature recording
Authors: H. Georg, A. Schwalm, G. Ude
Keywords: cattle, precision organic dairy farming, body core temperature, injectable transponders
Identifier: CSBE101187
Evaluation of the effectiveness of an antimicrobial air filter to avoid porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (prrsv) aerosol transmission, after 16 months of exposure to a commercial swine environmental conditions
Authors: Laura Batista, Francis Pouliot, Lilly Urizar
Keywords: prrs, air filtration, virus, pathogen, airborne transmission, aerosol, filter, swine, barn, antimicrobial
Identifier: CSBE101478
Flush systems for dairy manure removal: the alley roughness value
Authors: E. Bresci, P. Ferrari, A. Giacomin, M. Barbari
Keywords: dairy freestall, manure removal, flushing, manning
Identifier: CSBE100442
Flux chamber validation for ammonia measurement versus whole room emission
Authors: E.F. Wheeler, P.A. Topper, M.A.A. Adviento-Borbe, R.C. Brandt, D.A. Topper, H.A. Elliott
Keywords: ammonia, flux chamber, emission, validation, dairy manure
Identifier: CSBE100656
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