CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section II -Farm Buildings, Equipment, Structures and Environment

Gait and force analysis methods applied in pig gait research
Authors: Christer Nilsson, Stefan Pinzke, Hans Von Wachenfelt
Keywords: kinematics, kinetics, pig, floor, friction, slip
Identifier: CSBE100438
Gait and force analysis of provoked pig gait on clean and fouled rubber mat surface
Authors: H. Von Wachenfelt, C. Nilsson, S. Pinzke
Keywords: pig, floor, friction, slip, rubber mat, kinematics, kinetics,
Identifier: CSBE100425
Gas emission rate from different Japanese open type pig houses with natural ventilation
Authors: Atsuo Ikeguchi
Keywords: gas emission, natural ventilation, pig house
Identifier: CSBE101059
Generating USAble and safe co2 for enrichment of greenhouses from the exhaust gas of a biomass heating system
Authors: Louis-Martin Dion , Mark Lefsrud
Keywords: enrichment, gasification, biomass, greenhouses, co2
Identifier: CSBE101227
Heating and cooling performance of an under floor earth tube air tempering system in a mechanical ventilated farrowing house
Authors: Engel F. Hessel, Christina Zurhake, Herman F. A. Van Den Weghe
Keywords: heat stress reduction, farrowing house, air conditioning
Identifier: CSBE100478
How to rectify design flaws of dairy housing in hot climates?
Authors: M. Samer
Keywords: heat stress, shade structure, roof material, cowshed height, shading efficiency, cooling system, milk yield, costs.
Identifier: CSBE100276
Identification of key odour components from pig buildings for modelling purposes
Authors: M. Martel, S.P. Lemay, M. Belzile, J. Feddes, S. Godbout
Identifier: CSBE101523
Impact of the manure removal from slatted floor in a dairy barn on the ammonia emission
Authors: S.K. Retz, H. Georg, S. Godbout, H.F.A. Van Den Weghe
Keywords: ammonia emission, dairy barn, slatted floor cleaning
Identifier: CSBE100616
Improvement of a passive flux sampler for the measurement of nitrous oxide (n2o) emissions
Authors: J.H. Palacios, S. Godbout, R. Lagacé, F. Pelletier, J-P. Larouche, L. Potvin, S.P. Lemay
Keywords: passive flux sampler, nitrous oxide emission, molecular sieve, zeolite
Identifier: CSBE101555
Influence of cooling systems on the behaviour of dairy cows housed in cubicle barn
Authors: M. Barbari, L. Leso, G. Rossi, A. Scaramelli, S. Simonini
Keywords: cooling systems, behaviour, dairy cows, cubicles
Identifier: CSBE100505
Influence of insect nets and thermal screens on climate conditions of commercial scale greenhouses: a cfd approach
Authors: Sapounas A.A., Hemming S., De Zwart H.F., Campen B.J.
Keywords: ventilation rate, cooling, air temperature, energy saving
Identifier: CSBE101277
Influence of water sprinkling on the amount of dust particles in a house for fattening pigs
Authors: Sven Nimmermark
Keywords: respirable dust, particulates, water sprinkling, fattening pigs
Identifier: CSBE100445
Integration of crops, livestock and forestry educational programs in zona da mata in minas gerais, Brazil
Authors: R.G. Viana, L.R. Ferreira, R.J. Gomes, A.T.C.P. Coelho, W.F. Dos Reis, G.L. Ferreira, V.A. Gonçalves
Keywords: farmer, education program, forestry, crops, environment, livestock, no-tillage
Identifier: CSBE100111
Intermittent measurement technique to estimate ammonia emission from manure storage
Authors: A. Youssef, S. E Özcan, Fabrice Guiziou, Colin Burton, Paul Robin D. Berckmans
Keywords: ammonia, emission, modelling, intermittent method
Identifier: CSBE100773
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