CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section II -Farm Buildings, Equipment, Structures and Environment

Low-temperature brown rice storage by using renewable energy from snow
Authors: Sakiko Fujikawa, Shuso Kawamura, Hideo Fujita, Takamasa Doi, Keiji Okada, Kota Homma, Fujio Tsuchiya
Keywords: rice storage, grain temperature, free fat acidity, germination rate
Identifier: CSBE100864
Maintaining the pre-slaughter enthalpy chain improves animal welfare in pigs
Authors: M. Villarroel, P. Barreiro, P. Kettlewell, M. Farish, M. Mitchell
Keywords: pigs enthalpy stress transport
Identifier: CSBE100300
Management of resource, waste and implementation of strategies in pig production in Catalonia-Spain
Authors: J.M. Viana, D.B. Gaspa, M.R.T. Esmatges, P.C. Brustolini, J.B. Llobet
Keywords: water, environment contamination, gas contamination, slurry
Identifier: CSBE100183
Managing residual phosphorus and nitrogen from treated swine slurry using a disposal field: behaviour over four years of on-site operation
Authors: R. Dubé, G. Bellemare, G. Buelna, C. Berthiaume
Keywords: disposal field, treatment, swine slurry, phosphorus, nitrogen, denitrification
Identifier: CSBE100528
Measurement method of ventilation rate with tracer gas method in open type livestock houses
Authors: Atsuo Ikeguchi, Hideki Moriyama
Keywords: tracer gas method, natural ventilation, livestock house
Identifier: CSBE101061
Measurement of ammonia emissions from three ammonia emission reduction systems for dairy cattle using a dynamic flux chamber
Authors: H.J.C. Van Dooren, J. Mosquera
Keywords: ammonia emission, dairy housing, flux chamber
Identifier: CSBE101322
Measurements of air ventilation rates in naturally ventilated dairy cattle buildings
Authors: Werner Berg, Merike Fiedler, Alaa Kiwan, Reiner Brunsch
Keywords: natural ventilation, ventilation rate, co2 balance, tracer gas,
Identifier: CSBE100762
Measuring concept for determining ammonia emissions from naturally ventilated dairy housing with an outdoor exercise area
Authors: S. Schrade, M. Keck, K. Zeyer, L. Emmenegger, E. Hartung
Keywords: ammonia emission, measuring concept, tracer ratio method, dairy cattle, natural ventilation
Identifier: CSBE101131
Measuring emissions from a naturally ventilated turkey grow-out building
Authors: Larry D. Jacobson, Brian P. Hetchler, Sally L. Noll
Keywords: ammonia emissions, turkeys
Identifier: CSBE101211
Methodology of analyzing ventilation efficiencies based on "age of air" theory using cfd technology
Authors: K.-S. Kwon, I.-B. Lee, H.-S. Hwang, S.-W. Hong, I.-H. Seo, J.. P. Bitog, J.-S. Choi, S.-H.Song
Keywords: age of air, agricultural building, cfd, lma, lmr, ventilation efficiency
Identifier: CSBE100908
Milking technology on modern dairy farms - assessment from the user's perspective
Authors: Maren Kauke, Frauke Korth, Pascal Savary, Matthias Schick
Keywords: milking technology, assessment, questionnaire
Identifier: CSBE100963
Minimum distance separation (mds) formulae 40 years young (1970 - 2010) successes and lessons learned
Authors: Hugh W. Fraser, John Turvey
Keywords: minimum distance separation, mds, livestock facilities, setbacks
Identifier: CSBE100462
Modelling the stress responses of livestock to the thermal loads experienced on transcontinental, export journeys
Authors: M.A.Mitchell, P.J Kettlewell, M. Villarroel, M. Farish
Keywords: thermal environment, transportation, stress
Identifier: CSBE101074
New building concepts for sustainable swine production in Quebec: a systematic review
Authors: S. Godbout, N. Turgeon, S.P. Lemay, G. Buelna
Keywords: pig building,green building,assistance system
Identifier: CSBE101415
Numerical simulation of a pit exhaust system for reduction of ammonia emission from a naturally ventilated cattle building
Authors: Bjarne Bjerg, Mathias Andersen
Keywords: ammonia emission, natural ventilation, cfd, pit ventilation
Identifier: CSBE100696
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