CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section II -Farm Buildings, Equipment, Structures and Environment

Odour control on pig farms by biofiltration
Authors: G. Buelna, N. Turgeon, R. Dubé
Keywords: pig manure, odours, gaseous and liquid effluents, olfactometrical analysis, deodorization, treatment, biofiltration
Identifier: CSBE100747
Pathogen removal from pig manure by full-scale psychrophilic anaerobic digestion in sequencing batch reactors
Authors: Yan Gilbert, Daniel Massé, Edward Topp
Keywords: anaerobic digestion, pathogens, swine manure, psychrophilic
Identifier: CSBE101119
Performance simulation of high volume low speed fans in a free stall barn
Authors: W. Yan, D. Barker, Y. Sun, Y. Zhang, R.S. Gates
Keywords: high volume low speed fans, ceiling fans, computational fluid dynamics, energy efficiency
Identifier: CSBE100430
Potential soil contamination under free stall dairy barn using earthen base stalls with sand bedding
Authors: Yves Choinière
Keywords: sand bedding, free stall dairy barn
Identifier: CSBE100764
Predicting ventilation rates in hybrid ventilated pig housing facilities
Authors: F. Pelletier, S.P. Lemay, J.J.R. Feddes, S. Godbout, M. Belzile
Keywords: airflow rate, barn ventilation, barn emissions, hybrid ventilation systems
Identifier: CSBE101516
Preliminary study of ammonia emissions from naturally ventilated fattening pig houses in the South-east China
Authors: Kaiying Wang, Zhangying Ye, Hu Li
Keywords: air pollutants,airflow rate,emission factors,naturally ventilation,fattening pig house
Identifier: CSBE101254
Problems and criteria for recuperating peripheral urban areas: the case of the appia-pignatelli area
Authors: A. Gusman, A. Marucci, B. Pagniello
Keywords: peri-urban area, agriculture, environment
Identifier: CSBE100750
Radiant heat distribution in broiler housing using infrared thermometry
Authors: Baracho, M.S., Nascimento, G. R., Nääs, I.A., Oliveira, K.R.
Keywords: thermal imaging, litter quality, radiant heat
Identifier: CSBE101114
Reducing emissions by applying a pit exhaust in naturally ventilated livestock production buildings - feasibility studies based on a wind tunnel investigation
Authors: Wentao Wu, Peter Kai, Guoqiang Zhang
Keywords: partial pit ventilation, natural ventilation, ammonia emission
Identifier: CSBE100543
Reducing odour and ammonia emission by cooling inlet air in a farrowing facility
Authors: Anders Leegaard Riis, Thomas Ladegaard Jensen, Poul Pedersen
Keywords: odour, ammonia, ventilation, cooling air,
Identifier: CSBE101262
Reduction of gas and odour emissions from a swine building using a biotrickling filter
Authors: Martin Belzile, Stéphane P. Lemay, Dan Zegan, John J.R. Feddes, Stéphane Godbout, Jean-Pierre Larouche And Myra Martel
Identifier: CSBE101392
Reduction of odour emissions from swine buildings: comparison of three reduction techniques
Authors: S. Godbout, L. Hamelin, S.P. Lemay, F. Pelletier, D. Zegan, M. Belzile, F. Guay, J. Orellana
Keywords: pig building,odour emission,gaz emission, reduction techniques
Identifier: CSBE101416
Research and development of seedling germination greenhouse and ancillary equipment
Authors: Xiaowen Zhang, Shubin Sun, Zengchan Zhou, Yunlong Bu, Jieqiang Zhuo
Keywords: seedling germination, germination greenhouse, facility agriculture, low-pressure spray mist
Identifier: CSBE101672
Rough rice storage below freezing point by using renewable energy from fresh chilly air in winter
Authors: Shuso Kawamura, Kazuhiro Takekura
Keywords: super-low-temperature storage, natural cold energy, rice quality, germination rate, free fat acidity
Identifier: CSBE100685
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