CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section II -Farm Buildings, Equipment, Structures and Environment

Simulation models to optimize input energy in mediterranean greenhouse production
Authors: A. Marucci, A. Gusman, B. Pagniello
Keywords: greenhouse, mathematical model, sustainability
Identifier: CSBE100754
Study and realization on organic milk source base construction
Authors: Xiaowen Zhang, Zhen Tian, Ying Feng, Jiwei Gao, Xueqing Zhou
Keywords: organic milk, organic milk source base, cattle house construction, manure handing system
Identifier: CSBE101673
Sustainable building with concrete: how long do containers last?
Authors: Jan-Gerd Krentler
Keywords: slurry stores, concrete containers, hydraulic pressure tests, portland cement
Identifier: CSBE100615
The design of replacement heifers and dairy cows housing
Authors: J. Flaba, H. Georg, R. E. Graves, J. Lensink, J. Loynes, E. O.-S. Lehr, T. Ryan, L. V. Caenegem, M. Ventorp, P. Z. Diproval
Keywords: cattle housing, replacement heifers, dairy cows, animal needs, design
Identifier: CSBE100370
The influence of animal activity and litter on carbon dioxide balances to determine ventilation flow in broiler production
Authors: S. Calvet, M. Cambra-López, F. Estellés, A. G. Torres, H. F. A. Van Den Weghe
Keywords: ventilation, broiler, co2 balance, animal activity
Identifier: CSBE100401
The study of sustainable pig producing practices
Authors: Wu Defeng, Su Shuijin, Huang Wei-Huang, Chen Jiaming, Qiu Hanquan, Li Mingxin
Keywords: ecotype pig feeding mode of "pig "“ methane - grass" pennisetum purpureum schum, chinese medicinal herb environmental pollution
Identifier: CSBE101674
Thermal disinfection of poultry grow-out facilities in central-Northern Italy
Authors: M. Raffaelli, M.Fontanelli, C.Frasconi, F.Sorelli, A.Peruzzi
Keywords: thermal disinfection, poultry house, non-chemical alternatives
Identifier: CSBE101077
Thermal environment inside broiler housing using distinct lateral membrane structure
Authors: G. R. Nascimento, M.S. Baracho, I.A. Nääs
Keywords: thermal comfort, constructive membrane, thermography
Identifier: CSBE100841
Tracer gas technique in comparison with other techniques for ventilation rate measurements through naturally ventilated barns
Authors: Alaa Kiwan, Reiner Brunsch, Sezin Eren Özcan, Werner Berg, Daniel Berckmans
Keywords: naturally ventilated barns, tracer gas technique, ventilation rate
Identifier: CSBE100974
Uncertainty analysis of using co2 production models by cows to determine ventilation rate in naturally ventilated buildings
Authors: Guoqiang Zhang, Soeren Pedersen, Peter Kai
Keywords: carbon dioxide model, ventilation rate, nature ventilation, animal heat production, cattle buildings
Identifier: CSBE100542
usage of concrete for farm buildings and manure storages specifications, durability and practical considerations
Authors: Yves Choinière
Keywords: concrete structure, farm buildings, manure storage.
Identifier: CSBE100628
Use of carbon dioxide balances to determine ventilation rates in fattening rabbits farms
Authors: F. Estellés, O. Blumetto, S. Calvet, A.G. Torres
Keywords: carbon dioxide balances,ventilation,rabbits
Identifier: CSBE100932
Use of gas concentration data for estimation of methane and ammonia emission from naturally ventilated livestock buildings
Authors: Bjarne Bjerg, Guoqiang Zhang, Joergen Madsen, Hans B. Rom
Keywords: methane, ammonia, emission, natural ventilation, livestock buildings
Identifier: CSBE100702
Use of water in swine production in Catalonia-Spain
Authors: J.M. Viana, D.B. Gaspa, M.R.T. Esmatges, P.C. Brustolini, J.B. Llobet
Keywords: cleaning of swine housing, nipple drinker, swine production, water source
Identifier: CSBE100182
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