CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section II-B - Aquacultural Engineering

An innovative colorimetric calibration method used to quantify differences among wild and reared gilthead seabream (sparus aurata, linnaeus 1758)
Authors: C. Costa, F. Antonucci, F. Pallottino, E. Canali, C. Boglione, S. Cataudella, P. Menesatti
Keywords: gilthead seabream, color chart, pls, wild/reared quality, geometric morphometry
Identifier: CSBE101054
Aquaculture in greenhouse
Authors: M.C. Galera Quiles, G. Lopez Diaz, M.C Manjon Rodriguez
Keywords: greenhouse, tilapia
Identifier: CSBE100955
Effects of ozone and water exchange rates on water quality and rainbow trout, oncorhynchus mykiss, performance in replicated water reuse aquaculture systems
Authors: John Davidson, Steven Summerfelt, Christopher Good, Carla Welsh
Keywords: recirculating aquaculture, ozone, rainbow trout
Identifier: CSBE101615
In vivo flatfish size and weight monitoring by image analysis
Authors: Eiko Thiessen, Eberhard Hartung
Keywords: image, camera, flatfish, recirculating,
Identifier: CSBE101551
Inshore recirculating system for the production of marine finfish
Authors: Zi Timothy J Pfeiffer, Paul S. Wills
Keywords: recirculating aquaculture system, marine finfish, low head
Identifier: CSBE101477
Intensive culture of amur sturgeon (acipenser schrencki) fingerlings in a recirculating aquaculture system
Authors: Cao Guangbin, Han Shicheng, Jiang Shuyi, Chen Zhongxiang, Zhan Peirong
Keywords: recirculating system, bead biofilter , sturgeon culture
Identifier: CSBE100662
Monitoring and modeling phosphorus contributions in a freshwater lake with cage-aquaculture
Authors: J.E. Milne, R.D. Moccia
Keywords: caged-aquaculture, phosphorus mass-balance model, freshwater, risk management
Identifier: CSBE101657
Québec driven pilot-scale cultivation of spotted wolffish (anarhichas minor)
Authors: N.R. Le François, F. Dufresne, D. Chabot, A. Savoie
Keywords: aquaculture, wolffish, growth, pilot-scale
Identifier: CSBE101592
Sustainable environmental management for tropical floating net cage mariculture, a modelling approach
Authors: S. A. Van Der Wulp, K. R. Niederndorfer, K-J Hesse, K-H Runte, R. Mayerle, A. Hanafi.
Keywords: mariculture, sustainable environmental management, decision support system
Identifier: CSBE101056
The importance of fish neurohormonal response reared under recirculating water systems: a review
Authors: Sofronios E. Papoutsoglou
Keywords: fish neurohormonal response, recirculating water systems
Identifier: CSBE100303
The virtual-cage culture: controlling and harvesting fish using behavioural conditioning
Authors: Boaz Zion, Assaf Barki, Yosef Grinshpon, Lavi Rosenfeld, Ilan Karplus
Keywords: sea-ranching, aquaculture, fishing
Identifier: CSBE101460
Wolffishes, ideal species for intensive aquaculture: rearing density and welfare assessment
Authors: N.R. Le François , S. Tremblay-Bourgeois, T. Benfey, R. Roy & A.K. Imsland
Keywords: wolffishes, anarhichas minor, stress, growth, density, welfare
Identifier: CSBE101364

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