CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section III - Equipment Engineering for Plants

A device for extracting 3d information of fertilizer trajectories
Authors: B. Hijazi,, J. Baert, F. Cointault, J. Dubois, M. Paindavoine, J. Pieters, J. Vangeyte
Keywords: centrifugal spreading,image processing,3d stereovision
Identifier: CSBE101060
Aerodynamic properties of hemp fibre and core
Authors: Shahnaz Parvin, Ying Chen, Claude Lague, Hubert Landry, Qingjin Peng, Wen Zhong
Keywords: hemp fibre, cleaning, aerodynamic properties
Identifier: CSBE101065
An approach for pesticide loss estimation adapted to field crops in mediterranean conditions
Authors: Bahrouni, H., Sinfort, C., Hamza, E.
Keywords: modeling, advection-diffusion, pesticide, sprayer, spraying, pollution, ground, air, deposits, evaporation, volatilization, field measurements
Identifier: CSBE100947
An innovative apparatus provided with a cutting auger for producing short logs for biomass energy from fast-growing tree species
Authors: Giuliano Colorio, Roberto Tomasone , Carla Cedrola, Mauro Pagano, Daniele Pochi, Roberto Fanigliulo, Giulio Sperandio
Keywords: wood biomass, cutting auger, wood pieces, operative performance, energy requirements
Identifier: CSBE100999
Anderson introduces a new biomass baler
Authors: Luc D'Amour, Frédéric Lavoie
Keywords: round baler, woody biomass, biobaler, mulcher head, harvest brushes.
Identifier: CSBE101656
Application of discrete element method (dem) simulations as a tool for predicting tillage tool w ear
Authors: Lyndon Graff, Martin Roberge, Trever Crowe
Keywords: discrete element method (dem), tillage, wear modeling, virtual soil bin
Identifier: CSBE101350
Assessment of real time variable application of nitrogen using remote sensing sensors: perspectives in slovakia
Authors: VladimiR Rataj, Jana Galambošová, Martin Ingeli
Keywords: ground based remote sensing sensors, variable application, nitrogen
Identifier: CSBE101105
Automatic weed control system for processing tomatoes
Authors: D.C. Slaughter, M. Pérez, C. Gliever, S.K. Upadhyaya, H. Sun
Keywords: rtk-gps automation weed control vegetable crops
Identifier: CSBE100535
Best management practices for operating wind machines for minimizing cold injury in Ontario
Authors: Hugh W. Fraser, Ken Slingerland, Dr. Kevin Ker, Ryan Brewster, Dr. K.Helen Fisher
Keywords: wind machines, cold injury, temperature inversions, agricultural noise, frost protection
Identifier: CSBE100476
Characterizing ambient and spray mixture effects on droplet size represented by water sensitive paper (wsp)
Authors: Steven J Thomson And Margaret E. Lyn
Keywords: spray drift,pesticide application,volume mean diameter,spray deposition,
Identifier: CSBE101144
Coefficient of restitution of sugarcane billets measurement using an instrumented pendulum system
Authors: Jalil Razavi, Eraj Bagvand, Abbas Hemmat
Keywords: coefficient of restitution, pendulum system, sugarcane billet
Identifier: CSBE101150
Comparative analysis of the threshing cylinders performance on sorghum
Authors: K. J. Simonyan, I. S. Dunmade
Keywords: sorghum, threshing, cleaning efficiency, threshing efficiency
Identifier: CSBE100316
Comparison of cleaning performance for row cleaners on a strip tillage implement
Authors: R.C. Roberge, T.G. Crowe, M. Roberge
Keywords: strip tillage, row cleaner, cleaning performance, machine performance, corn residue, wheat residue
Identifier: CSBE100791
Comparison of energy requirements of traditional and conservative soil tillage for maize cultivation in central Italy
Authors: R. Fanigliulo, C. Cervellini, G. Brannetti, R. Grilli, D. Pochi
Keywords: traditional tillage, conservative tillage, maize cultivation, energy saving, quality of work
Identifier: CSBE100799
Controlled traffic farming and minimum tillage: results of initial experiments and a layout of a long term experiment
Authors: J. Galambošová, V. Rataj, M. Macák, M. Žit?Ák, L. Nozdrovický
Keywords: controlled traffic farming,soil compaction, stubble tillage quality
Identifier: CSBE101106
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