CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section III - Equipment Engineering for Plants

Corn stover fractions as a function of hybrid, maturity, site and year
Authors: Pierre-Luc Lizotte, Philippe Savoie, Mark Lefsrud
Keywords: corn, stover, fractions, harvest, fibre
Identifier: CSBE100098
Decortication of hemp (cannabis sativa) fibers using drop weight impact: fiber yield and properties
Authors: Md. Majibur Rahman, Khan Ying Chen, Claude Lague, Hubert Landry, Qingjin Peng, Wen Zhong
Identifier: CSBE100768
Dem analysis of the soil-tool (sweep) interaction
Authors: Kornél TamàS, IstvàN J. Jóri
Keywords: soil, cultivator, dem, modeling, tillage, soil bin, forces, optimization
Identifier: CSBE101375
Design and development of a cutter and feeder mechanism for a chick pea harvester
Authors: H. Mostafavand, S. Kamgar
Keywords: design, chick pea harvester, shear strength, cutter and feeder.
Identifier: CSBE100796
Design and evaluation of a jab planter
Authors: Jeff Smithers, Louis Lagrange, Bruce Fraser, Devon Neethling, Alan Hill
Identifier: CSBE101037
Design and manufacturing a new platform for rapeseed harvesting in Iran
Authors: Hamid Mashhadi Meighani, Amir Hassan Mohseni, Saeed Ebrahimi
Keywords: platform, analysis, combine, design, rapeseed harvesting
Identifier: CSBE100499
Design and manufacturing of a new and simple mechanism for transmission of power between crossover shafts up to 135 degrees for farm machinery
Authors: Majid Yaghoubi, Seyed Saeid Mohtasebi, Ali Jafari, Hamid Khaleghi
Keywords: kinematics diagram, tension analysis, visual nastran, cosmos, ansys
Identifier: CSBE100240
Design of a mechanical release system of perillus bioculatus to control the colorado potato beetle, leptinotarsa decemlineata (say)
Authors: Sylvain De Ladurantaye, Mohamed Khelifi
Keywords: potato, colorado potato beetle, chemical insecticides, biological control, natural enemies, source-point mass release, mechanical distributor.
Identifier: CSBE100650
Determination of forward speed effect on planting uniformity in a sugarcane billet planter
Authors: Jalil Razavi, Moslem Namjoo
Keywords: sugarcane, planting uniformity, billet planting
Identifier: CSBE101142
Determination of the damping coefficient of coffee branches using image processing techniques
Authors: Daniel Marçal De Queiroz, Geice Paula Villibor, Francisco De A. C. Pinto, Denis Medina Guedes
Keywords: vibration, harvesting, image processing, mechanical properties
Identifier: CSBE100714
Determination of work quality at different types of sugar beet harvest machines
Authors: A. Beyaz, A. Colak , M. Baris Eminoglu, R. Ozturk , A. Ihsan Acar
Keywords: sugar beet, image analysis, precision agriculture, sugar beet harvest machine
Identifier: CSBE101043
Development of a machine vision system for weed mapping
Authors: MàRio Cupertino Da Silva Jênior, Francisco De Assis De Carvalho Pinto, Gonzalo Ruiz Ruiz, Daniel Marçal De Queiroz, Jaime Gomez Gil, Luis Manuel Navas Gracia
Keywords: digital imaging processing, precision agriculture, spatial statistics
Identifier: CSBE100794
Development of a new system for measuring the coefficient of dynamic friction of agricultural crops
Authors: Jalil Razavi, Eraj Bagvand, Abbas Hemmat
Keywords: coefficient of dynamic friction, acceleration calculation, sugarcane billet.
Identifier: CSBE101147
Development of a system for pattern operations
Authors: Matthias Gebben, Georg Kormann
Keywords: gps, planting, spraying, pattern, orchard, guidance, automation
Identifier: CSBE100266
Development of a water catcher for high pressure water jet cutting of agricultural goods
Authors: D. Juenemann, H.-H. Harms
Keywords: water jet cutting, alternative cutting technologies, catcher, sugar beet harvest
Identifier: CSBE100897
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