CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section III - Equipment Engineering for Plants

Development of below-floor level soil bin system for soil tillage dynamics research at the federal university of technology akure, nigeria
Authors: L.A.S Agbetoye, Manuwa, S.I Ademosun, O.C. And Adesina, A.
Keywords: development,soil bin,soil tillage dynamics, implements, federal university of technology akure
Identifier: CSBE101143
Development of on-site emulsifying device for production of cooking-oil-based pesticides
Authors: G.-M. Samuel, M. Amos, E. Yigal, R. Beni, E. Haim, W. Phyllis
Keywords: emulsifying device, pesticides, botanical oils, on-site
Identifier: CSBE100931
Development of peach harvesting end-effector with function for estimation of degree of ripeness
Authors: Koji Kito, Wang Xiu Lun, Hajime Goto
Keywords: peach,harvesting,ripeness,end-effector
Identifier: CSBE100577
Dynamic analysis of a tractor engine crankshaft in knocking phenomenon
Authors: Esmail Mahmoodi, Ali Jafari, Shahin Rafiee
Keywords: crank shaft analysis, knocking phenomena, crank shaft safety, finite element analysis.
Identifier: CSBE100238
Economic production and processing of agricultural fibre plants for high quality applications in automotive, building and furniture industry
Authors: R. Pecenka, C. Fürll, H.-J. Gusovius
Keywords: fibre processing, hemp, flax, particle boards, composites
Identifier: CSBE100981
Effect of long term crop rotation and fertilization
Authors: N.B. Mclaughlin, C.F. Drury, W.D. Reynolds, X.M. Yang, C.S. Tan, S.D. Burtt, B.S. Patterson
Keywords: draft, draught, moldboard plow, mouldboard plough, soil structure
Identifier: CSBE101409
Effect of various operational and design parameters on the performance of a rotary feeding and cutting system
Authors: Eric Veikle, Martin Roberge, Venkatesh Meda
Keywords: rotary feeding and cutting system (rfcs), specific energy, barley straw, sharpness, throughput, rotor speed
Identifier: CSBE100851
Effects of different tillage systems on some soil properties, crop yield and time/fuel consumption for sesame
Authors: Zeliha B. Barut, M. Murat Turgut, Aziz Özmerzi
Keywords: sesame, tillage systems, soil properties, hydrolic conductivity, crop yield, time and fuel consumption.
Identifier: CSBE100504
Effects of some cutting blades and plant factors on specific cutting energy of sugarcane stalk
Authors: J. Razavi, M. Kardany, A. Masoumi
Keywords: sugarcane, specific cutting energy, pendulum
Identifier: CSBE101122
Efficient harvesting of haskap berries in Japan
Authors: L. Fu, Hiroshi Okamoto, Y. Hoshino, Y. Esaki, T. Kataoka, Y. Shibata
Keywords: haskap, blueberry, harvesting method, low cost
Identifier: CSBE100465
Electronic canopy characterization and real-time variable rate dosing for crop protection in precision fructiculture: efficiency increase and drift reduction
Authors: A. Escolà, R. Sanz, J.R. Rosell, F. Camp, F. Solanelles, E. Gil, J. Lorens, J. Arnó, J. Masip, S. Planas, F. Gràcia
Keywords: canopy characterization, variable rate, real-time, precision crop protection, efficiency increase, drift reduction,
Identifier: CSBE100755
Evaluation a variable rate liquid fertilizer for site specific application
Authors: Arzhang Javadi, Behzad Behzadi Mackvandi
Keywords: geographical data system, variable rate fertilizing, fertilizer's distribution, site specific management
Identifier: CSBE100378
Evaluation of backpack sprayers for herbicide application in a Brazilian forest
Authors: R.G. Viana, M.S. Machado, L.R. Ferreira, A.F.L. Machado, G.L. Ferreira, C.A.D. Melo
Keywords: agriculture engineering, inspection, agrochemical, eucalyptus, application machinery
Identifier: CSBE100077
Evaluation of chips quality by the analysis of two different harvesting methodologies
Authors: Luigi Pari, Vincenzo Civitarese, Angelo Del Giudice
Keywords: srf poplar, windrowing and chipping in two stages, quality of the chip.
Identifier: CSBE101024
Fermenters with magnetic fields for agriculture. technological and practical issues
Authors: Siannah Maria Mas Diego, Clara MartàNez Manrique, Francisco Simón Ricardo, Agenor Furigo Jr
Keywords: magnetic field, fermentation, biological control
Identifier: CSBE101205
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