CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section III - Equipment Engineering for Plants

Field evaluation and comparison of two silage corn mass flow rate sensors developed for yield monitoring
Authors: M. Loghavi, M. M. Maharlouie, S. Kamgar
Keywords: silage corn, yield monitoring, mass flow sensor,torque meter
Identifier: CSBE100344
Harvest of woody crops with a bio-baler in eight different environments in minnesota
Authors: D. Current, P. Savoie, P.-L. Hébert, F.-S. Robert, P. Gillitzdr
Identifier: CSBE100516
Harvesting canbus data to improve soil compaction management
Authors: Nicolas Dubuc, Vijaya Raghavan, Robert Recker
Identifier: CSBE101284
High voltage electric field effects on structure and biological characteristics of barley seeds
Authors: Javad Khazaei, Elham Aliabadi, Amir A. Shayegani
Keywords: barley, seed, electric field, germination, biological characteristics
Identifier: CSBE101261
Influential parameters for designing and power consumption calculating of cumin mower
Authors: Esmail Mahmoodi, Ali Jafari
Keywords: design parameters, cumin mowers, physical and mechanical properties of cumin stem, soil friction
Identifier: CSBE100239
Innovative strategies and machines for physical weed control in vegetable crops in central and Southern Italy
Authors: A. Peruzzi, M.Fontanelli, C. Frasconi, L. Lulli, M. Raffaelli, F. Sorelli
Keywords: non-chemical weed control, vegetable crops, minor crops, false seedbed technique, hoeing, flaming
Identifier: CSBE101083
Innovative strategies for physical weed control on hard surfaces in central Italy: results achieved in two different cities
Authors: A. Peruzzi, L. Lulli, M. Fontanelli, C. Frasconi, M. Ginanni, M. Raffaelli, F. Sorelli
Keywords: urban weed management, hard surfaces, flaming, mowing, herbicide application
Identifier: CSBE101091
Innovative strategies for physical weed control on hard surfaces in urban area in central Italy: development of new flaming operative machines
Authors: A. Peruzzi, L. Lulli, M. Fontanelli, C. Frasconi, M. Ginanni, M. Raffaelli, F. Sorelli
Keywords: flaming machines, urban areas, hard surfaces, weed control
Identifier: CSBE101088
Liquid distribution of air induction and off-center spray nozzle used to apply agrochemicals in special condition
Authors: R.G. Viana, J.R. Rosell, L.R. Ferreira, F. Solanelles, F. Gràcia
Keywords: equipment engineering, technology application, spray boom, agrochemicals
Identifier: CSBE100076
Machinery management data for willow harvest with a bio-baler
Authors: Philippe Savoie, Pierre Luc Hébert, François-Simon Robert
Identifier: CSBE100515
Management zone definition for coffee production system by using soil apparent electrical conductivity
Authors: Domingos Sarvio Magalhães Valente, Daniel Marçal De Queiroz, Francisco De Assis De Carvalho Pinto, Nerilson Terra Santos
Keywords: management zones, electrical conductivity, coffee, precision agriculture
Identifier: CSBE101136
Mapping of soil variability for increasing precision with managed drought stress phenotyping
Authors: G. Romano, W. Spreer, J. Cairns, S. Zia, E. Orsini, V. Weber, A.E. Melchinger, J. Müller
Keywords: apparent electrical conductivity, em38, soil variability map
Identifier: CSBE100428
Measurement of dilation of root crops
Authors: M. Shimazu, Y. Shibata, H. Araki, T. Kataoka, H. Okamoto
Keywords: sugar beet root, potato tuber, nondestructive, displacement sensor, growth investigation, precision agriculture
Identifier: CSBE100500
Mechanical control of quackgrass in grassland
Authors: Rym Khorchani, Mohamed Khelifi, Murielle Bournival
Keywords: quackgrass, grassland, mechanical control, rotary harrow, cultivator.
Identifier: CSBE101089
Mechanically-aided harvesting of artichoke with an electrically propelled prototype
Authors: R. Tomasone, M. Pagano, C. Cedrola, P.F. Recchi, G. Colorio
Keywords: artichoke, mechanization, harvest, prototype
Identifier: CSBE101362
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