CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section III - Equipment Engineering for Plants

Modeling of crop flow in combine chopper and spreader
Authors: Martin Roberge, Jason Benes, Hathan Isaac
Keywords: crop flow model, combine, chopper, spreader, residue management
Identifier: CSBE101355
Modeling of soil flow for tillage tools, seeders and planters
Authors: Martin Roberge
Keywords: soil flow modeling, virtual soil bin, discrete-element method, soil fracture, draft, seed placement
Identifier: CSBE101349
Monitoring of grain quality and segregation of grain according to protein concentration threshold level on an operating combine harvester
Authors: Hilke Risius, Juergen Hahn, Hubert Korte
Keywords: nirs, on-combine monitoring and sorting, protein concentration
Identifier: CSBE100043
Nitrogen estimation of oilseed rape using spad and vis/nir spectroscopy
Authors: Yongni Shao, Yong He
Keywords: oilseed rape, visible and near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (vis/nirs), partial least squares (pls), spad value
Identifier: CSBE101397
Qualitative and quantitative aspects on field drying of sorghum and evaluating the mower conditioner prototype devised by cra-ing - cressoni
Authors: Luigi Pari, Alberto Assirelli, Alessandro Suardi
Keywords: fiber sorghum, dried biomass, energy conversion, biogas, second generation ethanol.
Identifier: CSBE101031
Quality of wooden chips produced by claas jaguar fitted with experimental cra-ing rotor
Authors: Luigi Pari, Vincenzo Civitarese, Angelo Del Giudice
Keywords: short rotation forestry, wood chips, biomass quality, chopper and loader, experimental chipping device
Identifier: CSBE101026
Red apple juice - development of a new, innovative product
Authors: R.H.P. Scheyer,, H.-P. Schwarz, P. Braun
Keywords: apple trees, mechanical harvesting, columnar crown, tunnel spraying
Identifier: CSBE101499
Reducing friction by ultrasonic vibration exemplified by tillage
Authors: Ralf Kattenstroth, Hans-Heinrich Harms, Wiebold Wurpts, Jens Twiefel
Keywords: friction reduction, ultrasonic vibration, tillage, cultivator tine
Identifier: CSBE100975
Reducing the dispersion of seed coating particles containing neonicotinoids in maize seeding
Authors: Domenico Pessina, Davide Facchinetti
Keywords: bee, neonicotinoids, seeder, water filter
Identifier: CSBE101280
Remote sensor networks for protected chrysanthemum production
Authors: Hyun Kwon Noh, Sun Ok Chung
Keywords: chrysanthemum, environmental monitor, remote sensor networks
Identifier: CSBE101419
Review of technological advances and technological needs in ecological agriculture (organic farming)
Authors: Hala Chaoui, Claus G. Soerensen
Keywords: organic farming, ecological agriculture, gps, weeding, technology, robots, software, innovative, ergonomic, labor, sustainable, fao
Identifier: CSBE100891
Simulation of hemp fibre bundle and cores using discrete element method
Authors: M. Al-Amin Sadek, Y. Chen, C. Lague, H. Landry, Q. Peng, W. Zhong
Keywords: fibre simulation, discrete element method, physical properties
Identifier: CSBE100767
Simultaneous harvesting of straw and chaff for energy purposes - influence on bale density, yield, field drying process and combustion characteristics
Authors: Gunnar Lundin, Marie Rönnbäck
Keywords: harvesting, straw, chaff, energy, density, yield, drying, combustion
Identifier: CSBE101005
Soil bin investigations of the effects of tillage tool width on draught and soil disturbance parameters in sandy clay loam soil
Authors: S.I. Manuwa, O. C. Ademosu, L.A.S. Agbetoye, A. Adesina
Keywords: soil bin, tillage tines, draught, soil disturbance parameters, rake angle, forward speed, regression analysis
Identifier: CSBE100613
Soil failure mode in front of a multiple-tip horizontally-operated penetrometer affected by depth/width ratio of its tip and shank
Authors: Abbas Hemmat, A. Khorsandi, V. Shafaie
Keywords: soil compaction, cone penetrometer, soil mechanical resistance, precision farming, brittle failure, compressive failure
Identifier: CSBE100536
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