CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section III - Equipment Engineering for Plants

Spot-application of pesticide using variable rate sprayer in wild blueberry
Authors: Q. Uz Zaman, A.W. Schuman, D.C. Percival, T.J. Esau, S. Read
Keywords: sensors, controllers, dgps, gis, spot-application, wild blueberry,
Identifier: CSBE100295
Spring harvest of corn stover
Authors: Pierre-Luc Lizotte, Philippe Savoie
Keywords: corn, stover, harvest, dry
Identifier: CSBE100100
Technical approach for row crop seeding in square to improve mechanical weed control efficiency
Authors: Peter Schulze Lammers, Hing Kam, Oliver Schmittmann
Keywords: precise seeding, weed control, seed compounds, geo seeding, mechanical hoing
Identifier: CSBE100473
Test bench for mechanical distribution of predators to control insect pests
Authors: Mohamed Khelifi, François Paré, Yannick De Ladurantaye
Keywords: insect pests, chemical insecticides, biological control, natural enemies, mass release, mechanical distributor.
Identifier: CSBE101390
The design and experimental study of a testing stand for pneumatic seed metering device
Authors: Zhao Manquan, Liu Wenzhong, Wang Wenming, Zhao Lina
Identifier: CSBE100034
The development of a standard test method for measuring the evenness of flow off meter rollers
Authors: Joel Gervais, Scott Noble
Keywords: metering, rollers, standard, test method
Identifier: CSBE101188
The effect of fan frequency on the droplet spraying swath of air blast sprayer
Authors: Shuran Song
Keywords: air blast sprayer, spraying swath, droplet deposition, variable frequency
Identifier: CSBE100673
The effect of fan frequency on the droplet spraying swath of air-aided sprayer
Authors: S. Song,, T. Hong,, D. Sun,, Y. Zhu,, X. Xue
Keywords: key words: air-aided sprayer, spraying swath, droplet deposition, variable frequency
Identifier: CSBE101336
The effects of shaking frequency and amplitude on detachment of estahban dried fig (ficus carica cv. Sabz)
Authors: M. Loghavi, F. Khorsandi, S. Kamgar, S. Souri
Keywords: : limb shaker, figs, fruit harvesting, vibratory harvesting
Identifier: CSBE100348
Theoretical analysis of energy requirement for hemp decorticators
Authors: Jinke Xu, Ying Chen, Claude Lague, Hubert Landry, Qingjin Peng, Wen Zhong
Keywords: hemp processing, energy requirement
Identifier: CSBE100769
Thermal control of hazelnut suckers
Authors: Roberto Tomasone, Giuliano Colorio, Carla Cedrola, Mauro Pagano
Keywords: basal shoots, open flame, lpg
Identifier: CSBE100726
Tillage and planting energies for corn production under three tillage systems on a clay-loam soil
Authors: N.B. Mclaughlin , C.F. Drury, W.D. Reynolds, X.M. Yang, T.W. Welacky, S.D. Burtt, B.S. Patterson
Keywords: fossil fuel, zone till, no till, moldboard plow, conventional till
Identifier: CSBE101414
Tillage effects on soil and production management for winter wheat in Southwest Turkey
Authors: Zeliha B. Barut, Sait Aykanat, M. Murat Turgut
Keywords: tillage systems, soil properties, yield, fuel consumption, time, wheat
Identifier: CSBE100514
Using artificial neural networks for discrimination of the corn plants from the weeds
Authors: Sajad Kiani, Abdolabbas Jafari, Zohreh Azimifar
Keywords: crop detection, weed, shape analysis, image processing, ann, thinning
Identifier: CSBE100620
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