CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section III - Equipment Engineering for Plants

Uv-induced fluorescence for discriminating weeds from maize
Authors: Bernard Panneton, Serge Guillaume, Guy Samson, Jean-Michel Roger, Louis Longchamps
Keywords: weeds, corn, spot-spraying, weed-crop discrimination
Identifier: CSBE100785
Variable rate technology for herbicide application on railways
Authors: Ulisses Rocha Antuniassi, Edivaldo Domingues Velini, Hamilton Cardoso Nogueira, Edson Lucio Domingues
Keywords: weeds, railroads, application technology, precision agriculture, injection metering.
Identifier: CSBE100458
Velocity of conveyed seeds in an inclined transition tube
Authors: Pana Binsirawanich, Scott Noble
Identifier: CSBE101428
Weed control by water steam using a self-propelled machine equipped with a condensation chamber
Authors: C. Baldoin, I. Sartorato, D. Friso, C. De Zanche, F. De Paoli, M.
Keywords: weed control, environmental impact, non-chemical
Identifier: CSBE100427
Weed cover on and between corn rows implications for real-time weed detection
Authors: L. Longchamps, B. Panneton, Marie-Josée Simard, Gilles D. Leroux, Roger Thériault
Keywords: weeds, corn, row crop, weed detection, spot spraying
Identifier: CSBE100789
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