CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section IV - Energy in Agriculture

Energy and co2eq analysis of the agricultural phase in the sunflower biodiesel chain
Authors: P. Spugnoli, R. Dainelli, L. D'Avino, M. Mazzoncini, L. Lazzeri
Keywords: renewable energy, co-products, environmental balance
Identifier: CSBE101073
Energy and greenhouse gas emissions of astralian cotton: from field to fabric
Authors: Borzoo Ghareei Khabbaz, Guangnan Chen, Craig Baillie
Keywords: energy, greenhouse gas emissions, cotton, new technology
Identifier: CSBE100434
Energy usage for cotton ginning in Australia
Authors: S.A Ismail,, G. Chen, C. Baillie, T. Symes
Keywords: energy, electricity, greenhouse gas emissions, cotton, ginning
Identifier: CSBE100435
Energy use in legume cultivation in Turkey
Authors: Can Ertekin, Murad Canakci, Recep Kulcu, Osman Yaldiz
Keywords: energy analysis, energy use efficiency, legumes
Identifier: CSBE100991
Engineering developments for small-scale harvest, storage and combustion of woody crops in Canada
Authors: Philippe Savoie, Claudiane Ouellet-Plamondon, René Morissette, Fernando Preto
Identifier: CSBE100527
Evaluation of an earth heat storage system in a solar energy greenhouse
Authors: Qiang Zhang, Jordan Langrell, Ray Boris
Keywords: greenhouse, heating, solar energy, soil
Identifier: CSBE100776
Experiences on the integration of thin film photovoltaic modules in a mediterranean greenhouse
Authors: R. Ureña, J. Pérez , M. Pérez , A. Carreño , A. J. Callejón , F. J. VàZquez
Keywords: photovoltaic strips, thin film, shadowing, renewable energy in greenhouses
Identifier: CSBE100987
Farm-scale anaerobic digestion of beef and dairy cattle manure for energy cogeneration at two farms in Canada
Authors: N. Patni, C. Monreal, Xiaomei Li, A. Crolla, C. Kinsley, J.Barclay
Keywords: anaerobic digestion, biogas, bioenergy, cattle manure, energy cogeneration
Identifier: CSBE101052
Food and biomass production in small oil expression facilities
Authors: Hitoshi Kato, Genta Kanai, Kenichi Yakushido
Keywords: biomass, vegetable oil, oil expression
Identifier: CSBE100576
Gasification of waste from furniture industries for generation of sustainable energy
Authors: J. L. Oliveira, J. N. Silva, E. G. Pereira, C. S. Machado, M. Da Conceição T. Bezerra
Keywords: waste-to-energy, biomass, gasification
Identifier: CSBE100839
Greenhouse gas mitigation potential of short-rotation-coppice based generation of electricity in germany
Authors: Anja Hansen, Andreas Meyer-Aurich, Jürgen Kern, Antje Balasus, Annette Prochnow
Keywords: sustainability, short rotation coppice, src, greenhouse gases, ghg, climate change, 2nd generation bioenergy, supply chain, life cycle inventory, co2 mitigation factors, extensive agricultural production
Identifier: CSBE100941
Handling of corn stover bales for combustion in small and large furnaces
Authors: René Morissette, Philippe Savoie, Joey Villeneuve
Keywords: corn,stover,handling,combustion,ash,emissions,heat recovery
Identifier: CSBE100459
Impact of harvesting time on ultimate methane yield of switchgrass grown in eastern Canada
Authors: Y. Gilbert, D. Massé, P. Savoie, G. Bélanger, G. Parent, D.L Babineau
Keywords: energy crops, switchgrass, anaerobic digestion, harvest, methane
Identifier: CSBE101113
Integration of pv modules in existing romanian buildings from rural areas
Authors: S. Fara, D. Finta, L. Fara, D. Comaneci, A.-M. Dabija, E. Tulcan- Paulescu
Keywords: pv-modules, bipv systems, building facades, flat rooftops, rural areas
Identifier: CSBE101661
Investigating design criteria to build a performing microbial fuel cell running on swine liquid manure
Authors: D. Y. Martin, R. Hogue, P. Dubé, R. Thériault, S. Kaliaguine, A. Garnier, T. Jeanne A. Lévesque
Keywords: microbial fuel cell,swine liquid manure,bio-energy
Identifier: CSBE101116
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