CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section IV - Energy in Agriculture

Life cycle assessment of agricultural biogas production systems
Authors: Jens Lansche, Joachim Müller
Keywords: lca, biogas, acidification, eutrophication
Identifier: CSBE100688
Material and operating variables affecting the physical quality of biomass briquettes
Authors: Y. Song, J. S. Tumuluru, K. L. Iroba, L. G. Tabil, M. Xin, V. Meda
Keywords: biomass densification, briquettes, durability and stability, material and operating parameters, and density.
Identifier: CSBE100429
Numerical investigation of a bubble-column photo-bioreactor design for biodiesel production from microalgae
Authors: I.-H. Seo, I.-B. Lee, H.-S. Hwang, S.-W. Hong, J.P. Bitog, K.-S. Kwon, J.-S. Choi, S.-H. Song
Keywords: bio-diesel, computational fluid dynamics (cfd), microalgae, photo-bioreactor
Identifier: CSBE100880
Optimization and control of a novel upflow anaerobic solid-state (uass) reactor
Authors: Jan Mumme, Bernd Linke, Rainer Tölle
Keywords: biogas, biomethane, anaerobic digestion, solid-state
Identifier: CSBE100658
Positioning anaerobic digestion systems in the swine sector in Quebec: a technical and economic study
Authors: M.-A. Ricard, C.B. Laflamme, C. Charest, F. Forcier, F. Pelletier, S. Godbout, S.P. Lemay, V. Drolet, M.-P. Lachance, P. Levasseur, F. Pouliot
Keywords: biogas plan, pig farm, bio-energy, economic analysis, technical analysis
Identifier: CSBE101515
Potentials of biofuels
Authors: Axel Munack, Jürgen Krahl, Olaf Schröder, Jürgen Bünger
Keywords: biofuels, diesel engines, tailpipe emissions
Identifier: CSBE100337
Power from triticale straw
Authors: Malinga Dassanayake, Amit Kumar
Keywords: triticale straw, power, techno-economic model, yield, direct combustion, electricity, optimum size.
Identifier: CSBE100804
Preliminary investigation into the pressing process of sweet pearl millet and sweet sorghum biomass for ethanol production
Authors: Marianne Cr
Keywords: sweet pearl millet, sweet sorghum, biomass, pressure, juice extraction, ethanol
Identifier: CSBE100447
Production of microscopic algae for its consequent use as aviation fuel
Authors: Takaaki Maekawa, Junye Jia , Keo Intabon, Yoko Terazawa, Nobuko Akamatsu
Keywords: microscopic algae, photo bioreactor, euglena gracilis, algal oil, biomass fuel, aviation oil
Identifier: CSBE101467
Techno-economic assessment of anaerobic digestion systems for agri-food wastes
Authors: Anthony Lau, Sue Baldwin, Max Wang
Keywords: anaerobic digestion, biogas utilization, kinetic model, economic analysis
Identifier: CSBE101633
Transforming anaerobic digestion with the "˜model t' of digesters
Authors: J. F. Martin, R. Ciotola, J. Castano, C. Eger, D. Schlea
Keywords: methane digester, dairy manure
Identifier: CSBE101578
Use of farm waste biomass in the process of gasification for energy production
Authors: Janusz Piechocki
Keywords: renewable energy, biomass gasification,waste biomass, cogeneration systems
Identifier: CSBE100646
Using pre-heated sunflower oil as fuel in a diesel cycle engine
Authors: Hevandro Colonhese Delalibera
Keywords: vegetable oil, biofuel, alternative energy
Identifier: CSBE100982
Utilization of residual biochar produced from the pyrolysis of energy crops for soil enrichment
Authors: Guillaume Pilon, Jean-Michel Lavoie
Keywords: biochar, pyrolysis, torrefaction, swithgrass, biocoal, fertilizer
Identifier: CSBE100296
Vacuum pyrolysis of swine manure: biochar production and characteristics
Authors: M. Verma,, S. Godbout, J. P. Larouche, S.P. Lemay, F. Pelletier, O. Solomatnikova, And S.K. Brar
Keywords: biofuel, biochar, calorific value, solid manure, swine farm, vacuum pyrolysis
Identifier: CSBE101374
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