CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section V - Management, Ergonomics and Systems Engineering

Dynamic role of reverse logistic cycle with in life cycle analysis for sustainablility
Authors: Zulfiqar Ali Qureshi
Keywords: reverse logistic, green economy , life cycle assessment, carrier bags
Identifier: CSBE100526
Effects of the machine wheel load on grass yield
Authors: Ole Green, Rasmus N. Joergensen, Kristian Kristensen, Dionysis Bochtis, Claus Groen Soerensen
Keywords: traffic intensities, tire load/pressure, clover/grass, yield loss
Identifier: CSBE100944
Energy expense by logistics within sugarcane's energy production chain - two case studies
Authors: T.L. Romanelli, R. Berruto, P. Busato, P.T. Neves, L.L. Romanelli
Keywords: biofuel, energy balance, eroi, renewable energy
Identifier: CSBE100374
Ergonomic aspects of operation of it systems in precision agriculture
Authors: T. Juliszewski, M. Walczykova
Keywords: ergonomics, precise agriculture
Identifier: CSBE100263
First approach to correlate the tire contact area to traction force in the field
Authors: Elio Romano, Maurizio Cutini, Carlo Bisaglia
Keywords: contact area, agricultural tires, slippage
Identifier: CSBE101038
Heritage interpretation and landscape character in the forestry district of serra san bruno (Calabria, Italy)
Authors: Salvatore Di Fazio, Luigi Laudari, Giuseppe Modica
Keywords: heritage trails, landscape character, tourism valorisation
Identifier: CSBE101459
Interfacing feedstock logsitics with bioenergy conversion
Authors: Shahab Sokhansanj
Keywords: ibsal, feedstock, bioenergy
Identifier: CSBE101347
Investigating jd3140 tractor breakdowns and their reasons
Authors: H.M. Meighani, A. Mohammadi, M. Raoufi
Keywords: repair and maintenance, costs, jd 3140, iran
Identifier: CSBE100497
Knowledge transfer model for agricultural engineering
Authors: Elisabeth Quendler, Josef Boxberger
Keywords: knowledge transfer, agricultural engineering, model, advice, farms
Identifier: CSBE100471
Modelling corn stover harvest operations
Authors: Remigio Berruto, Patrizia Busato, Pierre-Luc Lizotte, Philippe Savoie
Keywords: corn stover, logistics, harvest, simulation
Identifier: CSBE101239
Online model predictive monitoring for controlling and optimizing the performance of agricultural production processes
Authors: Mertens Kristof, De Ketelaere Bart, De Baerdemaeker Josse
Keywords: model predictive monitoring, process control, management support, production standards
Identifier: CSBE101097
Postural analysis and biomechanics of workers in poultry slaughterhouse
Authors: Carvalho, C. Da Cunha Siqueira; Souza, C. De Fátima; Tinôco, Ilda De Fátima Ferreira; Vieira, Maria De Fátima Araújo; Minette, Luciano José; Cassuce, Deborah Cunha
Keywords: postural analysis, biomechanics, poultry
Identifier: CSBE101197
Power and energy requirements of agricultural machinery driven by tractor used in greenhouse vegetable production in Turkey
Authors: Murad Canakci, Ibrahim Akinci
Keywords: greenhouse production, power and energy, agricultural machinery
Identifier: CSBE100740
Power spectral analysis of agricultural field surfaces
Authors: M. Cutini, C. Bisaglia, S. A. Bertinotti
Keywords: measurement method, four-post test bench, iterative deconvolution, mechanical soil analysis, comfort
Identifier: CSBE100948
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