CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section V - Management, Ergonomics and Systems Engineering

Prediction of repair and maintenance costs of two-wheel drive tractors in Iran
Authors: Iraj Ranjbar, Majid Rashidi, Borzoo Ghareei Khabbaz
Keywords: repair and maintenance costs, two-wheel drive tractor, prediction, modeling, iran
Identifier: CSBE101542
Radio frequency identification technologies for traceability of potted flowering plants
Authors: C. Tortia, P. Barge, P. Gay, V. Merlino, P. Piccarolo
Keywords: image processing, color, food processing
Identifier: CSBE101086
Strategical analysis of accelerating the development and innovation of China agricultural equipment industry: a case of shan dong province
Authors: Yang Zidong
Keywords: agricultural equipment, industrial clusters, development pattern
Identifier: CSBE101671
Technological and organizational development potentialities for grain logistic in germany
Authors: Heinz Bernhardt, Wilko Lixfeld, Dirk Engelhardt
Keywords: logistic, grain, transport technology
Identifier: CSBE101018
The role of the web in the effective detection of serious and fatal tractor overturning accidents
Authors: Domenico Pessina, Davide Facchinetti
Keywords: web, portal, tractor overturning, statistics
Identifier: CSBE101243
Tractor based services and related support policies in developing countries
Authors: Josef Kienzle, William Hancox, John Ashburner
Keywords: rural tractor based services, equipment utilisation, enabling environment, agriculture and rural infrastructure
Identifier: CSBE100700
Use of electronic devices in combine harvesters: a case study for antalya region in Turkey
Authors: Deniz Yilmaz, Murad Canakci, Ibrahim Akinci
Keywords: combine harvester,harvesting
Identifier: CSBE101549
Using the cuela system to study workload in agriculture
Authors: Maren Kauke, Ingo Hermanns, Ulrike Hoehne-Hückstädt, Rolf Ellegast, Matthias Schick
Keywords: ergonomics, workload, dairy farming, milking, method development, cuela system
Identifier: CSBE100950
Vision-based weed identification with farm robots
Authors: Kishore C. Swain, M. Noerremark, Dionysis Bochtis, Claus Groen Soerensen, Ole Green
Keywords: weed identification, shape matching, agricultural robot, image processing
Identifier: CSBE100761
Work economics and ergonomics in dairy farming
Authors: Katja Heitkaemper, Marion Riegel, Matthias Schick
Keywords: working time requirements, workload, time planning, milking, work budget, ergonomics
Identifier: CSBE100312
Workload assessment in agriculture - integration in a work budget system
Authors: Katja Heitkaemper, Matthias Schick, Ruedi Stark, Marion Riegel
Keywords: work load, working time requirement, work budget, body-posture code, ergonomics
Identifier: CSBE100313
Workload in modern dairy farms - assessment from the user's perspective
Authors: Maren Kauke, Frauke Korth, Pascal Savary, Matthias Schick
Keywords: workload, dairy farming, milking, questionnaire
Identifier: CSBE100959
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