CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section VI - Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering

A new approach of rice processing for control of compound contents and eating quality of cooked rice
Authors: Masatsugu Tamura And Yukiharu Ogawa
Keywords: rice, tissue, histological structure, boiling, cooking water
Identifier: CSBE100992
A novel computer vision system for specifically detecting rotten citrus
Authors: Jose Blasco-Ivars
Keywords: citrus fruits, automatic inspection, quality, machine vision, image analysis,
Identifier: CSBE100601
A novel technique for producing zanthoxylum oil particles based on supercritical co2 extraction and microencapsulation methods
Authors: Lan Chen
Keywords: microcapsule, zanthoxylum oil, supercritical co2 extraction, spray drying, coaxial nozzle, atomization
Identifier: CSBE100862
A simple method for measurement of poisson
Authors: Yukiharu Ogawa, Motoki Matsuura, Nami Yamamoto, Akio Tagawa
Keywords: agricultural products, tissue, boiling, elasticity, imaging
Identifier: CSBE100580
Acrylamide mitigation in fried potato slices by using commercial asparaginase
Authors: Franco Pedreschi, Kit Granby, Jorgen Risum
Keywords: potato chips, frying, acrylamide, commercial asparaginase, blanching
Identifier: CSBE100336
Adjusted methodology for determining residence time by image analysis on a vibro-fluidized dryer
Authors: Rafael Augustus De Oliveira, Kil Jin Park, Bruno Silva Oliveira
Keywords: granular material, black bean, fluidization, tracer
Identifier: CSBE101173
Agave juice as an agent for probiotic encapsulation by spray drying
Authors: C. Cortés-Arminio, A. López-Malo, E. Palou, M. T. Jiménez
Keywords: agave-juice, probiotics, dietary fiber, spray drying, encapsulation
Identifier: CSBE100828
Analysis of the movement of fruits during mechanical harvesting with shakers using computer vision and a slow motion camera
Authors: J. Blasco, A. Torregrosa, N. Aleixos, C. Ortiz, S. Cubero, F. Juste, E. Moltó
Keywords: mechanical harvesting, video analysis, image analysis, citrus fruits
Identifier: CSBE100602
Analysis of thermodynamic properties of coffee berries during drying
Authors: Oliveira, G.H.H., Corrêa, P.C., Botelho, F.M., EliAs, G.A.V., Diniz, M.D.M.S.
Keywords: enthalpy, entropy, gibbs free energy, coffea arabica l., drying
Identifier: CSBE101109
Antimicrobial activity of novel packaging material
Authors: Hasegawa Y. , Kimura T.
Keywords: biomass plastics, antimicrobial activity, freshness, packaging film
Identifier: CSBE100914
Antioxidant enrichment of cranberry juice by electrodialysis with filtration membrane: impact of process on juice composition
Authors: Laurent Bazinet, Sylène Brianceau, Yves Desjardins
Keywords: cranberry, electrodialysis, filtration membrane, anthocyanins, organic acids, antioxidant capacity
Identifier: CSBE101320
Application of hyperspectral imaging technique for determination of pork quality attributes
Authors: Douglas F. Barbin, Gamal Elmasry, Da-Wen Sun, Paul Allen
Keywords: hyperspectral imaging, pork, pca
Identifier: CSBE101134
Application of infrared spectromicroscopy to characterize and determine the spatial distribution of lignocellulosic components in agricultural straw pellets
Authors: Phani K Adapa, Chithra Karunakaran, Lope G Tabil, Greg J Schoenau
Keywords: lignocellulosic, biomass, pellets, infrared spectroscopy, barley straw, canola straw, oat straw, wheat straw
Identifier: CSBE100647
Application of near infrared spectroscopy and least squares-support vector machine to determine soluble protein in oilseed rape leaves
Authors: Fei Liu, Yun Zhao, Guangming Sun, Hui Fang, Yong He
Keywords: near infrared spectroscopy, soluble protein content, successive projections algorithm, least squares-support vector machine
Identifier: CSBE101287
Application of response surface methodology for optimisation of in vitro enzymatic digestion of soy protein isolate using high hydrostatic pressure processing
Authors: Zhang Lanfang, Su Dan, Li Shujun, Laurie H.M., Zhao Feng-Min
Keywords: enzymatic digestion, soy protein isolate, hydrolysis, hydrostatic pressure
Identifier: CSBE100513
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