CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section VI - Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering

Thermal characteristics of gelatin extracted from emperor (shaari) skin: effects of acid concentration and temperature of extraction
Authors: Ghalib Al-Saidi, Mohammad Shafiur Rahman, Ahmed Al-Alawi, And Nejib Guizani
Keywords: fish skin gelatin, glass transition, solids-melting, emperor, amino acid
Identifier: CSBE100493
Thermal inactivation of byssochlamys nivea in pineapple nectar combined with preliminary high pressure treatments
Authors: E.H.R. Ferreira A. Rosenthal, V. Calado J. Saraiva, S. Mendo, P.R. Massaguer
Keywords: thermal resistant mould, pineapple nectar, high pressure
Identifier: CSBE101045
Thermo-physical and textural properties of meat and carrot alginate particles fabricated for biological validation studies
Authors: Hussein F. Hassan, Hosahalli S. Ramaswamy
Keywords: aseptic and continuing rotation processing, biological validation, alginate, thermo-physical, textural
Identifier: CSBE100242
Thin layer drying of sliced squash by forced convection
Authors: Can Ertekin, Osman Yaldiz
Keywords: pumpkin, thin layer drying, drying models
Identifier: CSBE101029
Thin-layer drying behaviour of coffee berries
Authors: A.L.D. Goneli, P.C. Corrêa, G.H.H. Oliveira, F.M. Botelho, E.S. Santos
Keywords: moisture ratio, mathematical modeling, activation energy, page model
Identifier: CSBE101103
Transmission of e. coli o157:h7 biofilm from contact surfaces to fresh produce
Authors: Y. Martin Lo
Keywords: biofilm, e. coli o157:h7, produce
Identifier: CSBE100451
Ultraviolet depuration of escherichia coli from the juvenile clam, cyclina sinensis in China
Authors: Miao Yu-Ping, Qiao Qing-Lin
Keywords: shellfish depuration, juvenile clams, cyclina sinensis, ultraviolet, escherichia coli.
Identifier: CSBE101215
Use of a novel in-package ozonation process for reducing salmonella enteritidis on chicken meat
Authors: J. Jensen , A. Donner , K.M. Keener
Keywords: ozonation process, bacterial reductions, chicken, salmonella enteritidis, ozone
Identifier: CSBE101209
Use of hyperspectral imaging for the quality classification of cooked turkey hams
Authors: Abdullah Iqbal, Gamal Elmasry, Da-Wen Sun, Paul Allen,
Keywords: hyperspectral imaging, turkey hams, pca
Identifier: CSBE101148
Use of hyperspectral imaging to improve the safety of food
Authors: A. Lefcourt
Keywords: food safety, machine vision, hyperspectral imaging, image processing
Identifier: CSBE101174
Using plant macromolecules to produce flavor microcapsules by spray-drying multilayered oil/water emulsions
Authors: Adem Gharsallaoui, Odile Chambin, Rémi Saurel
Keywords: microencapsulation , spray-drying , emulsions , interfacial engineering ,
Identifier: CSBE100694
Water vapor permeability, contact angle and water solubility of zein biofilms
Authors: J.F. Lopes-Filho, C.B. Almeida, L.L. Tavares, B.M. Corrêa
Keywords: zein biofilms, water vapor permeability, wettability, water solubility
Identifier: CSBE100733
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