CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section VI - Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering

Application of response surface methodology to the optimisation of in vitro enzymatic digestion of soy protein isolate of high hydrostatic pressure processing
Authors: Su Dan Li Shu-Jun L. H.M. Chan Zhao Feng-Min Zhang Lan-Fang
Keywords: high hydrostatic pressure, soy protein isolate, in vitro enzymatic digestion,
Identifier: CSBE101313
Applications of membrane technologies for today and tomorrow
Authors: M. Mondor, F. Lamarche, D. Ippersiel, H. Drolet
Keywords: electrodialysis, microfiltration, ultrafiltration
Identifier: CSBE101303
Aroma properties of selected local spices in akwa ibom state of nigeria
Authors: Akindele Folarin Alonge, E. U.U. Ituen
Keywords: potentials, spices, properties, flavors, aroma
Identifier: CSBE100612
Bioactive gouda cheese powders obtained by spray and freeze-drying
Authors: Houcine Ben Abdelkader, Cristina Ratti
Keywords: cheddar, powder, spray drying, freeze-drying
Identifier: CSBE100557
Browning kinetics evaluation using image processing techniques
Authors: L. Comba, P. Gay, P. Piccarolo, D. Ricauda Aimonino
Keywords: image processing, color, food processing
Identifier: CSBE101092
Characterization of low uvt liquid foods and ingredients for ultraviolet preservation
Authors: Tatiana Koutchma, Cheryl Defelice
Keywords: low uvt food liquids, uv light, pasteurization
Identifier: CSBE100748
Classification of pre-sliced ham images with quaternionic singular values using an adaptive multilayer perceptron
Authors: Nektarios A. Valous, Da-Wen Sun
Keywords: pork ham slice, supervised classification, quaternionic singular value decomposition, quaternionic singular values
Identifier: CSBE100264
Color texture feature analysis for estimation of melon internal quality
Authors: S.R. Suh, K.H. Lee , S.H. Yu, H.S. Shin
Identifier: CSBE101475
Combination of near infrared spectroscopy and multivariate analysis to detect valine (c5h11no2) in oilseed rape leaves
Authors: Wenwen Kong, Fei Liu, Hui Fang, Yong He
Keywords: near infrared spectroscopy, oilseed rape, valine, successive projections algorithm, least squares-support vector machine
Identifier: CSBE101385
Combined effects of freezing and storage conditions on the staling of cooked rice
Authors: Shi Feng Yu, Ying Ma, Dafang Tian, Da-Wen Sun
Keywords: freezing, storage, retrogradation, texture , cooked rice
Identifier: CSBE100200
Comparison of mechanical properties of two apple varieties under compression loading
Authors: A. Gorji Chakespari, A. Rajabipour, H. Mobli
Keywords: apple, mechnical properties, compression
Identifier: CSBE100603
Confocal laser scanning microscopy imaging of deep-fat fried batter coating
Authors: Akinbode A. Adedeji, Li Liu, Michael O. Ngadi
Keywords: porosity, pore size distribution, fat distribution, confocal, microscopy, imaging.
Identifier: CSBE101207
Continuous and pulsed ultrasound-assisted extractions of antioxidants from pomegranate peel
Authors: Wenjuan Qu , Zhongli Pan , Haile Ma , Griffiths G. Atungulu , Tara H. Mchugh
Keywords: pomegranate peel, total phenolics, ultrasonic extraction, antioxidant activity, kinetics
Identifier: CSBE101304
Delisation of pulsed electric fields for tropical liquid food industrial processing
Authors: A. Youmssi, G. J. Kayem, F. Sirois G. Olivier, L. T. Ngouadjo
Keywords: high voltage pulsed electric field, food processing
Identifier: CSBE101217
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