CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section VI - Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering

Design and performance of a lab scale controlled environment chamber (cec) used for determination of horticultural produce quality deterioration
Authors: J. Boutin, D.I. Leblanc, C. Vigneault, V. Toussaint, D. Charlebois
Keywords: lab-scale storage chambers, temperature and relative humidity control, fresh fruit and vegetables, quality deterioration,
Identifier: CSBE100636
Design, fabrication and evaluation of a moisture-based fig sorter
Authors: D. Zare, S. Souri, M. Loghavi, F. Khorsandi
Keywords: fig, sorter, physical properties
Identifier: CSBE100579
Detection of internal defect in pickling cucumbers using laser scattering image analysis
Authors: Diwan P. Ariana, Renfu Lu
Keywords: cucumber, quality, defect, nondestructive sensing, laser scattering, image analysis
Identifier: CSBE100653
Detection of salmonella on spinach leaf using phage-based magnetoelastic biosensors
Authors: Suiqiong Li, Shichu Huang, Huiqin Chen, Yugui Li, Bryan A. Chin
Keywords: biosensor, wireless, magnetoelastic, salmonella detection, produce
Identifier: CSBE100410
Determination of metals in organic pulp and juices by fluorescence x-ray
Authors: Gisele Anne Camargo
Keywords: juice, pulp, organic, metals
Identifier: CSBE100631
Development and commercialization of emerging infrared radiation food processing technologies
Authors: Zhongli Pan, , Griffiths G. Atungulu, Gokhan Bingol, Tara Mchugh, Jihong Yang
Keywords: infrared heating, food processing, emerging technologies, commercialization
Identifier: CSBE101206
Development of model equations for selecting optimum parameters for dry process of shea butter extraction
Authors: A. M. Olaniyan, K. Oje
Keywords: shea butter, dry extraction, model equation, optimization, oil yield
Identifier: CSBE100069
Dimension characteristics evaluation of coffee berries during drying
Authors: G.H.H. Oliveira, P.C. Corrêa, F.M. Botelho, S.C. Campos, A.A. Paixão
Keywords: surface area-to-volume ratio, coffea arabica l., physical properties, postharvest.
Identifier: CSBE100433
Discrimination of lamb muscles by nir hyperspectral imaging
Authors: Mohammed Kamruzzaman, Gamal Elmasry, Da-Wen Sun, Paul Allen
Keywords: hyperspectral imaging, classification, lamb muscle, pca, charollais.
Identifier: CSBE101492
Diversity of fruit origin by using 26s rdna fingerprinting of yeast communities by pcr-dgge: an application to shea tree fruits
Authors: Aly Farag El Sheikha, , Jean-Marc Bouvet, Didier Montet
Keywords: traceability, pcr-dgge, shea tree fruits, 26s rdna fingerprinting, geographical origin
Identifier: CSBE101279
Dryer evaluation to optimize small-scale litchi processing in Northern thailand
Authors: M. Precoppe, M.Nagle, S. Janjai, B. Mahayothee, J. Müller
Keywords: lychee, air drying, drying kinetics, efficiency, optimization
Identifier: CSBE100446
Drying characteristics and lysine content of wheat distillers grains with solubles under three drying methods
Authors: Maria Rosario P. Mosqueda, Lope G. Tabil, Jr.
Keywords: wheat ddgs, distiller's grains, drying characteristics, ddgs color, lysine content
Identifier: CSBE100464
Drying effect on some physicochemical properties of Iranian date
Authors: Mehdi Torki Harchegani, Shohreh Vahed
Keywords: date, drying, physicochemical properties
Identifier: CSBE101129
Drying of dates in oman using a solar tunnel dryer
Authors: M.A. Basunia, H.H. Handali, M.I. Al-Balushi, M.S. Rahman, O. Mahgoub
Keywords: solar dryer, tunel, dried dates
Identifier: CSBE101658
Effect of aluminium cookware on microbial inactivation during pasteurization of milk
Authors: Nareethep Ruangthip, Shuso Kawamura, Yuka Uchida, Toshinori Kimura
Keywords: escherichia coli, viable aerobic bacteria, survival cells, decimal reduction time
Identifier: CSBE100909
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