CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section VI - Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering

Enhancing the polyphenolic content of elderberries by pulsed ultraviolet treatments
Authors: Ramesh Murugesan, Valérie Orsat
Keywords: antioxidant phenols, berries, uv treatment
Identifier: CSBE100553
Establishing moisture sorption isotherms of wild mushroom varieties using a dynamic vapor sorption method
Authors: Dimitrios Argyropoulos, Alex Rainer, Joachim Mueller
Keywords: wild mushrooms, dynamic vapor sorption, equilibrium moisture content
Identifier: CSBE100522
Estimation of egg weight by machine vision and neural networks techniques
Authors: M. H. Raoufat, V. Asadi
Keywords: egg weight, machine vision, neural network (ann), multi layer perceptron.
Identifier: CSBE100437
Estimation of tomato nutritional status by vis-nir portable spectrophotometric system
Authors: V. Ulissi, P. Benincasa, M. Guiducci, F. Antonucci, P. Menesatti
Keywords: nitrogen content, spectrophotometry, vis-nir, tomato leaves, non destructive techniques
Identifier: CSBE100448
Evaluation of coffee drying costs: pre-drying on a concrete terrace and complementary drying in a concurrent and countercurrent flow dryer
Authors: Samuel Martin, Jadir Nogueira Da Silva, Svetlana Fialho Soria Galvarro, Marcus Bochi Da Silva Volk, Jofran Luis Oliveira
Keywords: coffea arabica, post-harvesting, drying costs
Identifier: CSBE100966
Evaluation of novel high intensity pulsed uv sources for processing food beverages
Authors: Tatiana Koutchma, Marta Orlowska
Keywords: pulsed uv sources, performance grid, quality, nutritional and sensorial markers
Identifier: CSBE100751
Evaluation of operative aspects of a heat pump to dry chestnuts
Authors: R. Guidetti, M. Fiala, R. Beghi, V. Giovenzana, L. Bodria
Identifier: CSBE100935
Experimental study of banana drying energy costs in a prototype electric drier
Authors: André Talla,, Yves Jannot, George Elambo Nkeng
Keywords: drying, banana, kinetics, electric drier, energetic cost
Identifier: CSBE101329
Factors influencing formation and stability of orange-flavoured beverage emulsion
Authors: Saeedeh Vali Baygi, Rassoul Kadkhodaee
Keywords: orange-flavoured beverage, emulsion, gum arabic, xanthan gum
Identifier: CSBE101125
Fast adulterant quantification in chinese yam powder using visible, near and mid-infrared spectroscopy
Authors: Di Wu, Pengcheng Nie, Yongni Shao, Yong He, Da-Wen Sun
Keywords: food quality, visible, near and mid-infrared spectroscopy, chinese yam powder, adulterants, least-square support vector machine (ls-svm)
Identifier: CSBE100836
Fast detection of crude protein content in fish feeds based on infrared transmission spectroscopy and chemometrics
Authors: Fengle Zhu, Pengcheng Nie, Yong He
Keywords: near/mid-infrared spectroscopy, fish feed, crude protein, successive projections algorithm, least squares-support vector machine
Identifier: CSBE101447
Fluid-dynamic properties and pressure loss of black beans in a packed bed
Authors: Rafael Augustus De Oliveira, Kil Jin Park, Aline Muta Vivas, Bruno Silva Oliveira
Keywords: porosity, air flow, terminal velocity
Identifier: CSBE101149
Grade classification and protein content determination in matcha based on vis/nir
Authors: Xiaolei Zhang , Rentao He, Yong He
Keywords: vis/nir spectroscopy, green tea powder, grade classification, protein content, multivariate calibration
Identifier: CSBE101481
Identification and classification of out of control measurements of a nir spectrometer under industrial use for onion quality determination
Authors: J. Ortiz-Cañavate
Keywords: robustness analysis, nir spectrometry, onion, classification
Identifier: CSBE100978
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