CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section VI - Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering

Impact of the age of laying chicken on mechanical strength of eggs
Authors: N Abdel-Nour, M. Ngadi, Vijaya Raghavan
Keywords: egg quality, chicken age, laying cycle, mechanical strength, shell thickness
Identifier: CSBE101219
In-field measurement of fruit respiration for determining climacteric activity and harvest maturity of mango
Authors: Marcus Nagle, Wolfram Spreer, Busarakorn Mahayothee, Serm Janjai, Vicha Sardsud, Joachim Müller
Keywords: mango, fruit respiration, climacteric, harvest maturity
Identifier: CSBE100940
Influence of conjugated linoleic acid (cla) supplementation on probiotic bacteria viability and sensory properties of stirred yogurt
Authors: Marby Rocio Barón, Rubén DaràO Godoy-Silva, Luis-Felipe Gutiérrez,
Keywords: conjugated linoleic acid, cla, probiotic bacteria, sensory properties
Identifier: CSBE101120
Influence of polyglycerol esters of fatty acid on in vitro digestibility of soybean oil-in-water by pancreatic lipase
Authors: Lijun Yin
Keywords: emulsion, digestion, polyglycerol esters of fatty acid (pges)
Identifier: CSBE100852
Intelligent control based on expert system for grain drying
Authors: Hang Zhu, Wenfu Wu, Yubin Lan, Feng Han
Keywords: expert system, lab view, intelligent control, grain drying
Identifier: CSBE100826
Investigation of shelled corn drying in a microwave assisted fluidized bed dryer using artificial neural network
Authors: Ali Zomorodian, Leila Momenzadeh, Dariush Mowla
Keywords: shelled corn, fluidized bed, microwave, artificial neural network
Identifier: CSBE101628
Investigation on fatty acid composition of Japanese black wagyu beef by atr-ftir spectroscopy and chemometric analysis
Authors: Xiaoping Hu, Kiyohiko Toyoda, Minoru Yamanoue, Ikko Ihara, Kaori Nakai
Keywords: monounsaturated fatty acids (mufa), saturated fatty acids (sfa), partial least squares (pls)
Identifier: CSBE100917
Large scale bioseparation of an antihypertensive peptide from alfalfa white protein hydrolysate by electrodialysis with ultrafiltration membrane
Authors: L. Firdaous, , P. Dhulster, J. Amiot, A. Doyen, F. Lutin, L.-P. Vézina, L. Bazinet
Keywords: electrodialysis, ultrafiltration, separation, antihypertensive peptide, streaming potential measurements, fouling
Identifier: CSBE101324
Laser light backscattering for monitoring changes in moisture content during drying of apples
Authors: Giuseppe Romano, Dimitrios Argyropoulos, Joachim Müller
Keywords: drying apple, backscattering images, laser
Identifier: CSBE100280
Mango (mangifera indica) and ambarella (spondias cytherea) peel extracted pectins improve viscoelastic properties of derived jams
Authors: G. Kansci, B. B. Koubala, C. Garnier, M. C. Ralet, J. F. Thibault
Keywords: mango, ambarella, peels, pectins, post harvest technology, rheological properties.
Identifier: CSBE101344
Mass modeling of pomegranate fruits: artificial neural networks method
Authors: Javad Khazaei, Seyed Ali. Hosseini, Zahra. M. Jafari
Keywords: pomegranate, mass, size, modeling, neural networks
Identifier: CSBE101190
Methods for the assessment of candy gum elasticity
Authors: György Csima, Vera Biczó, Timea Kaszab, AndriS Fekete
Keywords: candy gum, elasticity, compression test
Identifier: CSBE101167
Microencapsulation of fish oil into cross-linked whey protein matrix
Authors: Rashid Safari, Rassoul Kadkhodaee, Reza Valizadeh, Abdolmansur Tahmasebi
Keywords: microencapsulation, fish oil, whey protein, phenol
Identifier: CSBE101108
Microwave assisted drying of flax straw and fibre at controlled temperatures
Authors: Gopu Raveendran Nair, Kael Eggie, Yvan Gariépy, Valérie Orsat, Vijaya Raghavan
Keywords: flax, microwave drying, fire log from flax straw
Identifier: CSBE100614
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