CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section VI - Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering

Effect of different variables on microwave osmotic dehydration under spray mode (mwods) of apple cylinder using response surface methodology
Authors: Elham Azarpazhooh, Hosahalli S. Ramaswamy
Keywords: osmotic dehydration, spray, apple, response surface methodology
Identifier: CSBE100267
Effect of drying and tempering conditions on milling quality in multi-pass drying of rough rice
Authors: E. Nasrnia, M. Sadeghi, A. A. Masoumi
Keywords: drying, head rice yield, milling, tempering
Identifier: CSBE101123
Effect of drying temperature on structure of pasta enriched with pea protein isolate
Authors: Samuel Mercier, Sebastien Villeneuve,, Louis-Philippe Des Marchais, Martin Mondor
Keywords: pasta, drying, porosity, shrinkage, density, pea protein, air pycnometer.
Identifier: CSBE101317
Effect of high hydrostatic pressures on drying kinetics of blueberries variety o'neil
Authors: Antonio Vega-GàLvez, Margarita Miranda, Gipsy Tabilo-Munizaga, M. Pérez-Won
Keywords: blueberry, drying kinetics, high hydrostatic pressure, modeling, statistical tests
Identifier: CSBE100753
Effect of low anode/cathode voltage difference application on redox potential modulation during milk electroreduction and storage
Authors: Laurent Bazinet, Arnaud Schreyer, Jean Lessard
Keywords: milk, electroreduction, anode/cathode voltage difference, storage
Identifier: CSBE101323
Effect of microwave radiation on starch digestibility and physico-chemical properties of three barley types
Authors: Shahram Emami, , Anula Perera , Venkatesh Meda, Robert T. Tyler
Keywords: barley, microwave processing, resistant starch, starch digestibility, starch gelatinization
Identifier: CSBE101290
Effect of packaging and preservation methods on the qualitative and sensory characteristics of dehydrated jujuba fruit
Authors: Elham Azarpazhooh, Shohreh Nikkhah
Keywords: zizyphus jujube, low density polyethylene
Identifier: CSBE101272
Effect of process unit operation and long term storage on egcg-enriched tea drink catechin stability
Authors: Laurent Bazinet, Monica Araya-Farias, Alain Doyen, Dominique Trudel And Bernard Têtu
Keywords: green tea, catechins, egcg, tea drink, long-term stability, process unit operation.
Identifier: CSBE101321
Effect of thermal pretreatment and batter composition on fat absorption in deep-fat fried batter
Authors: N. Abdel-Nour, M. Ngadi, A.A. Adedeji
Keywords: effect of thermal pre-treatment on fat absorption in deep-fat fried batter
Identifier: CSBE101218
Effects of film packaging on major storage characters of fresh wolfberry fruit during room and low temperature storage
Authors: Li Yingchao, Bi Yang,Wang Yi, Yuan Li, Yin Yan, Chen Songjiang, Ding Bo
Keywords: fruit, film packaging, temperature, storage
Identifier: CSBE101675
Effects of microwave drying and cooking on the hardness and stickiness of red lentils
Authors: Anthony Opoku, Lope Tabil And Venkatesh Meda
Keywords: microwave, drying, cooking, hardness, stickiness, red lentil
Identifier: CSBE101231
Effects of roasting temperatures and storage on the quality of red lentil
Authors: Anthony Opoku, Lope Tabil
Keywords: roasting, red lentil, storage, quality
Identifier: CSBE101232
Energy saving during bulb storage applying modeling with computational fluid dynamics (cfd)
Authors: Athanasios A Sapounas, Jouke B Campen, Jeroen Wildschut, Gerard Pa Bot
Keywords: forced ventilation, storage units, ethane concentration, air flow modeling
Identifier: CSBE101275
Enhancement of extraction efficiency of citrus juice and sacs by twin oblique air jet moves in 3d space
Authors: Mohammad Reza Mirian, Javad Khazaei
Keywords: twin jet, citrus juice, sacs extraction, robot, oblique impinging, 3d space, nozzle
Identifier: CSBE101062
Enhancing compaction characteristics of barley straw by microwave/chemical pretreatment
Authors: M. Kashaninejad, B. Kashaninejad And L. G. Tabil
Keywords: pelleting, densification, barley straw, microwave pretreatment, chemical pretreatment
Identifier: CSBE100523
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