CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section VI - Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering

Microwave extraction of myrtillin from blueberry
Authors: Winny Routray, Valérie Orsat
Keywords: diabetes, blueberry, microwave extraction, myrtillin
Identifier: CSBE100555
Microwave-assisted methodology for quantitative analysis of lignans in foods
Authors: Simona M. Nemes, Valérie Orsat, G. S. Vijaya Raghavan
Keywords: microwave-assisted, lignan quantification, secoisolariciresinol, flaxseed
Identifier: CSBE100781
Microwave-assisted separation of eggshell and membrane
Authors: A. Hussain, Srs. Dev, Y. Gariepy, V. Orsat, G.S.V Raghavan
Keywords: microwave, dielectric properties, eggshell, egg membrane
Identifier: CSBE100630
Migration of perfluorinated compounds from antistick coating to food products during cooking processes
Authors: A. Le-Bail, B. Veyrand, S. Durand, H. Kadar, B. Le Bizec
Keywords: pfos, pfoa, food contaminants, process
Identifier: CSBE101376
Modeling and statistical characteristization of the size and mass distrbution of raisin berries
Authors: Akbar Arabhosseini, Navvab Karimi, Mohammad Hossein Kianmehr, Javad Khazaei
Keywords: probability density function, weibull, raisins berry, size, mass, modeling
Identifier: CSBE100618
Modeling of rough rice drying kinetics using artificial neural network
Authors: M. Tohidi, M. Sadeghi, S. R. Mousavi
Keywords: artificial neural network, drying kinetics, rough rice
Identifier: CSBE100786
Modelling and simulation of processes by smart sensing: a solar dryer for plant material
Authors: E.C. Correa, B. Diezma, Margarita Ruiz-Altisent
Identifier: CSBE101316
Moisture adsorption isotherms of castor beans
Authors: A.L.D. Goneli, P.C. Corrêa, G.H.H. Oliveira, F.M. Botelho, S.C. Campos
Keywords: mathematical modeling, adsorption, equilibrium moisture content
Identifier: CSBE101553
Moisture-dependent color characteristics of walnuts
Authors: Ragab Khir, , Zhongli Pan , , Griffiths G. Atungulu , James F. Thompson, Xia Zheng,
Keywords: walnut, in-hull, in-shell, kernel, moisture, surface color, reflectance colorimeter
Identifier: CSBE100843
Monitoring of coagualation process of soymilk by an integrated electrical sensing and control system
Authors: Kiyohiko Toyoda, Xingshu Li
Keywords: tofu, electrical conductivity, impedance spectroscopy
Identifier: CSBE101111
Near infrared hyperspectral imaging for classification of beef muscles
Authors: Gamal Elmasry, Da-Wen Sun, Paul Allen
Keywords: hyperspectral imaging, pca, image processing, beef
Identifier: CSBE101107
Non-destructive measurement of ssc, ph, firmness and density of
Authors: K. J. Chen, L. Yang, X. Sun
Keywords: nir spectroscopy, pear, soluble solid content, valid acidity, firmness, density
Identifier: CSBE100265
Nutritional quality and lipid oxidation of plantain chips from small scale producers in cameroon: correlation with frying procedures
Authors: G. Kansci, E. Fokou, J. Mekoue, M. Viau, And C. Genot
Keywords: chips, plantain, frying, process, small producers, quality, correlation
Identifier: CSBE101343
Ohmic heating behavior and electrical conductivity of solid foods using low and high frequency power supply
Authors: Reza Zareifard, Songming Zhu, Michèle Marcotte, Stefan Grabowski, Hosahalli Ramaswamy
Keywords: electrical conductivity, ohmic heating behavior, high frequency, solid food
Identifier: CSBE101382
Orange fruit rheometrical characterization using stress-relaxation tests
Authors: F. Pallottino, M. Moresi, S. Giorgi, P. Menesatti
Identifier: CSBE101069
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