CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section VI - Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering

Physical properties 0f cumin (cuminum cyminum) and caraway (carum carvi) seeds
Authors: D. Zare, A. Bakhshipour, A. Zomorodian
Keywords: physical properties, cumin-seed, caraway-seed, friction coefficient, angle of repose
Identifier: CSBE100506
Physico-chemical characteristics of wheat distiller's grains with solubles
Authors: Maria Rosario Mosqueda, Lope G. Tabil
Keywords: wheat ddgs, distiller's grains, flow properties, physico-chemical properties,
Identifier: CSBE100482
Prediction of lactic-bacteria growth in turkey ham processed by high hydrostatic pressure
Authors: S.P Mathias, A. Rosenthal, A. Gaspar, A.P. Slongo-Marcusi, G.M.F. Aragão, R. Deliza
Keywords: turkey ham, high pressure, lactic-acid bacteria, predictive microbiology
Identifier: CSBE101048
Prediction of total soluble solids and firmness of carrots based on carrot water content
Authors: Majid Rashidi, Borzoo Ghareei Khabbaz
Keywords: carrot, quality characteristics, prediction, modeling, total soluble solids, firmness, water content
Identifier: CSBE100581
Process optimization of water jet extraction of pomegranate arils using response surface methodology
Authors: Mohammad Reza Mirian, Javad Khazae
Keywords: water jet, extraction, pomegranate arils, rsm, punica garanatum
Identifier: CSBE101072
Properties of coconut (cocos nucifera l.) relevant to its dehusking
Authors: Dr. A. F. Alonge, W. B. Adetunji
Keywords: physical, properties, coconut, dehusk, friction, processing
Identifier: CSBE100609
Pulsed electric fields and microfiltration hurdle treatment for the implementation of microbial safety in milk
Authors: M. Walkling-Ribeiro, O. RodràGuez-GonzàLez, S. Jayaram, M.W. Griffith
Identifier: CSBE100463
Quality assessment of microwave pasteurized in-shell eggs
Authors: S.R.S. Dev, Y. Gariepy, V. Orsat, G.S.V. Raghavan
Keywords: pasteurization, egg quality, microwave, salmonella
Identifier: CSBE100491
Quality of the pulped cherry coffee subjected to continuous and intermittent drying
Authors: Jadir Nogueira Da Silva, Samuel Martin, Sérgio Mauricio Lopes Donzeles, FàBio Luis Zanatta, Maria Da Conceição T. Bezerra
Keywords: coffea arabica, post-harvesting, quality control
Identifier: CSBE100965
Quantitative assessment of maple syrup properties by means of fluorescence spectroscopy
Authors: Alain Clément, Bernard Panneton, Luc Lagacé
Keywords: maple syrup, fluorescence, chemometrics, color, ph, flavors
Identifier: CSBE100808
Radio frequency assisted extraction of nutraceutical compounds
Authors: Yanti Mohd Jusoh, Valérie Orsat, Yvan Gariépy
Keywords: radio frequency, extraction, nutraceutical, secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (sdg)
Identifier: CSBE100558
Reconditioning by filtration with earth diatomaceous and reusing the sucrose syrup for osmotic dehydration of peaches
Authors: Germer, S.P.M., Queiroz, M.R., Aguirre, J.M., Berbari, S.A.G. Silveira, N.A. Ormenese,R.C. Miyagusku, L. Anjos,V.D.A.
Keywords: osmotic solution, reutilization, osmotic dehydration, physicochemical properties.
Identifier: CSBE101172
Reducing fossil energy consumption of a belt dryer by using biogas waste heat
Authors: Martin Böhner, Paul Senckenberg, Albert Heindl, Joachim Müller
Keywords: belt dryer, biogas waste heat, spice and medicinal plants, biogas yield, energy consumption
Identifier: CSBE100540
Rheological characteristics of assai and passion fruit smoothies fortified with unripe banana pulp
Authors: Gisele Anne Camargo, Juliana Mieli, SàLvia Cristina Sobottka Rolim De Moura, Valdecir Luccas, SàLvia Germer
Keywords: rheology, beverage
Identifier: CSBE100710
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